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Thursday, December 20, 2012


So you wanna know how to straighten hair?

Actually, it’s not hair that needs straightening - For hair, we’ve got great products in the market. Sunsilk maybe?

More than hair, it’s we, the people, who need to get straight.  Indulge me by considering a few recent happenings: 

  • Not many people know of Bhanu Athaiya, who is now affected with brain tumor.  Way back in ’83, she bagged the Oscar for Best Costume Design for Richard Attenborough's biopic Gandhi – yup, she’s India’s first Oscar winner.  Recently, she was in the news as the 86 year old now sent her Oscar back to the Academy.  "I do not trust anyone in India to keep the statuette.  If Rabindranath Tagore's Nobel medal could be stolen from Shantiniketan, what is the guarantee my trophy would be safe?  In India, no one values such things, and we lack a tradition of maintaining our heritage and things pertaining to our culture", is what she said.   Hmmm… Rabindranath Tagore's Nobel was stolen, eh???

  • TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a globally recognized set of nonprofit conferences conducted across the globe to disseminate "ideas worth spreading.”  TED has always selected speakers purely on the basis of the strength of the idea and has been successfully running across countries since ‘84.  TEDxChennai, that organizes TED conferences across India, got its license cancelled last week for “repeatedly flouting internationally followed rules by holding a press conference with sponsors, having a venue sponsor as a speaker on stage and speakers that were part of another conference.” The concerned parties has shrugged off the claims, given token excuses and moved on, never mind that their act has in a way, damaged that idea people carry in their heads of India. Ho hum.

  • The guy sitting next to you in office – could be a girl too; or could be you yourself – but he sits too late at the office so much so that your manager has made a note of it.   Managers jokingly claim that he’s seen both when they arrive and leave the office and that he should spend more time home.  But he doesn’t.  He’s told you that the reason he sits so late in office is because he doesn’t have anything to do back at his room – here at least he facebook, youtube or just browse.   And yes, if an employee sits after 8PM at the office, company policy is that he’s provided food and transportation.  He's aware that he’s screwing the work atmosphere for everyone by doing so as other people, who do have a life outside office, are unnecessarily forced to put in late hours in front of the manager. Because of him.  Oh ya, Narayana Murthy wrote about this too.  But really, who cares?

  • So another rape happened in the capital again.  And as is now the norm, social media is abuzz with messages condemning the “bastards”, suggestions of castration and nomenclature of the city as the rape capital.  People have liked, shared and commented against it.  Politicians have made the right noises.  Newspapers have sold more by providing various types of analyses. Judiciary has shifted the blame to someone else.  The Police chastised again.  Pretty soon, it would be forgotten till the cycle repeats with the next one that’ll surely come up.  So far, nobody knows what ever happened to the guwahati one and seriously, is anyone really bothered?  I mean, really bothered?  Dabangg2 releases this week.  Yippee.

As you can see, forget hair, it’s us that need to be straightened out.. But we don’t have the balls for it.  

But oh well, guess it’s easier and surer that hair will be straightened.

So let’s go straighten some curly hair.

written for the Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment.


  1. Sarcasm at its very best indeed! Raj, you've raised all the relevant issues happening here. So, its we Indians who are to be straightened first. Btw, Nice way to link up the contest with the social situation in our country.

    All the best for the contest da :)

    1. Macha, nee adaaru glamouraada.. :)
      Nice pic man... long, long time, eh? :)

      Great to see u back man.. enthokke undu visheshangal?

      Thnx fr ur kind words man.. do drop by more often macha :)

  2. Hmmm quite something this one.

    ~ Bhanu Athiaya, poor old thing. I don't blame her. A UK national once asked me, "I hear in India they can even steal your pant's zip if you are not careful." Trust me, for the first time I did not have an answer for it.

    ~ TED, the lesser said, the better.

    ~ The guy sitting next to me in office, damn that idiot! He is a loner from a God forsaken city from a remote corner of a state that aims to be divided soon. He's in office by 7.30 am. Yes, 7.30 am, you read that right. The time I spend snoozing my alarm he spends browsing. That a-hole had the audacity to once tell me that the internet is faster from 7 am to 9 am, that's why he's early. Not to work mind you, to read crap from the net or to plainly watch movies on you tube. And for the same reasons mentioned above he stays at office until 9 pm. And even if you are a minute late to some meeting, our man turns out to be the prototype whom everyone must follow!! Sheer nonsense.

    ~ Rape, next one will come up you say. Two of it came up yesterday. One that of an 86 year old lady and another that of a 5 year old child. I'm sure they must have drinking, smoking and dressed whore like and invited it upon themselves!!

    Dabangg2 better be good, else I'll make sure the world ends :)

    I loved your straight hair experiment ;)

    1. Somz, welcummez back.. congrats once again yaar fr ur big day.. do let us knw whens the marriage. My best wishes n prayers fr both of u guys :)

      thnx fr taking out the time n pen such a cool comment yaar.. really enjoyed reading it .. Wow, the UK guy has been around here, aint he? :D

      Haha, I'm with u der Somz.. I know the feeling.. there's always many of 'em around here too n yaar, its so pissing whn my manager extols his virtues whn I so knw the truth. Someday, I'll bring the chain saw

      Sad it is yaar.. truly, truly sad.. felt so shaken whn I heard of the delhi lady.. but this time, there is a lot of anger and things are seemingly being done.. hope the momentum holds on

      Dabangg 2 is just gonna be awesome.. Sallu bhai is the new Rajnikanth .. anything he touches is gold.. script? whats that?

      Thnx so much fr droppin by n taking the trouble Somz :)

  3. Well, if only satire could straighten our country.

    1. True Akanksha, if only..

      Hey how are ya? Long time, eh? Hope all is the wellz :)

  4. .... and the king of sarcasm does it again!! Each one of the points had me banging the table with a fist, shouting "Yeah! OMG yeah!" .... much to the embarrassment of the "park-butt-on-office-chair-till-8.00 pm" dudes here. Well written!

    1. Aaah, the queen of superb reviews is back!! :)

      Welcome back Nirvana.. btw, I really liked ur post on parenting.. thought it was a tricky topic well handled .. told my sis bout it too.. she thought it was cool too.. yes, the niece.. we think my niece is still too young to comprehend religion but she will be in a year or too :)

      Thnx so much fr ur kind words Nirvana :)

  5. wow.. I seriously dont know what to say to do justice to this post..

    i wish things can be changed

    and the last shot .. Well said my friend , I bet you will see a lot of faces in the cinema the same ones who went on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


    1. Hey Biks.. I knw the feeling man... same here, wish things cud b changed...

      Ya man.... ya.. do drop by more often :)

  6. P.S. Check out my moves, R-A-J! What do you think? Do I have talent? ;)

    1. Ouch Grumpy.. u sure hv the moves.. oooh, the way u move.. :)


  7. Dude, I love reading your posts. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be an Indian. And don't even forget the Olympic debacle. But then our politicians are not entirely to blae after all:we elect them, don't we?

    1. Bhadra, thnx so much fr ur very kind words.. just made my day :)

      I guess we elect them not cos they're good but rather cos we dont really hv much options.. I knw a lot of educated n concerned folks who don't vote cos they don't like any of the parties.

      I'm looking forward for the Aam Aadmi Party.. only area of concern for me bout 'em is if they know how to run the finances of a huge country like ours.. but I'm earnestly watching them.

      Thanks for dropping by Bhadra.. Happy New Year! :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks my friend... n a happy New Year to u too :)

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