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Monday, October 10, 2011

My blog n pic in the news!!! :)

Deccan Chronicle, October 10th, Bangalore edition, page 13.

The bloggers who have been mentioned are:
Personally, I liked the way the article first touched upon the bloggers, then went ahead to blogging and then ended up with a few relevant implications and applications of blogging. The article was by Sangeetha Chengappa, a senior special correspondent from the Deccan Chronicle group and it was documented during the Indiblogger Samsung meet held at Bangalore.

And I have to say this but honestly, if my blog is anything close to what it is made out to be (to be really, really honest, I just got lucky to be featured! J); but if it anything, it is only because of the fabulous people who have decided to follow me that made all the difference to my blog and to me. So this one is, first and foremost, for all of my fabulous followers.

And I have to mention the many commenters and to the many people who stumbled upon my blog and took the time to go through it.

Thank you guys!! You guys rock!!!

And obviously, thank you Indiblogger!!! J

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  1. Wow Raaj!!
    you are famous now..!! I hope it will not make you forget me!:p hehehe
    V nice..May you get more and more popularity. you deserve this:-)

  2. hey! i'm in the article too! :)

  3. This is awesome :) Congratulations :)

  4. wooo hoooo I know a celebrity here ..
    can have a autograph please :)

    Congratulations ......


  5. Hey Mishi, thnx fr ur kind wishes n kind words... if my blog is anything tht its made out to b, thn its cos of u n my othr such special ppls who visit my blog.. so really this is more about u thn me.. so my request is tht u dont forget me yaar.. thnx fr droppin by, Mishi :)

  6. Thnx a mill Blahblaholic :)

    Yup Shruthi, glad to knw tht u're a journalist student n the reason y u started blogging.. really nice to knw bout tht!! :)

    Thnx Serendipity fr ur kind words :)

  7. Hey Bikramjit.. thnx fr ur kind words man.. well, frm my view, I was broke yday, n am still broke.. so trust me nothinz really changed n like Shruthi will agree, me n my blog just gt lucky tht day to be featured in the write up :)

  8. I want to be a celebrity too :(
    I am going all green here!!
    Okie i am sorry!
    You definitely deserve this. We all miss your regular blogging

  9. many many many congratulations...i guess when we rock, it shows and the world showcases it:-)

    wish u loads of more success:-)

  10. Congrats Raj.. It is great to read about the meet.. Happy.. PS: I am writing a Novel buddy.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  11. Hey Red, considering ur writing and the spread of topics that u cover with ur writing, u r already a celebrity to me :) Thnx so much for ur kind words, Red!! :)

    Thanks Suruchi for ur very kind words.. thank u so much :)

    Dude, awesum man.. all the best man.. n thnx bro!! :)

  12. Congrats R-A-J!!! Ya are a great blogger and it is no news! really appreciate ur effort in reading other blogs and putting genuine comments! not many do that! :)

  13. Arey thu tho R-a-j karne laga.. :)

    Very tempted to ask the usual question, how much did you pay them? ha ha ha. Just kidding.. The poor guys have tried to write all about your blog without mentioning its name. I wish you could be kind to them and use a more constitutional name for your blog brother. Its YOU that makes it famous, not that title man.

    BTW, I do second Anju's view. You take time to visit other's blogs and leave genuine comments and that very nice of you! I think you deserve whatever is coming your way..

  14. While reading this morning, had a faint feeling it is you,but couldnt connect without the goatly growth on your chin.Your post cemented it...Well, good going

  15. Recognition for your efforts always feel great. Way to go Raj :)

  16. Hey Anju, thnx fr droppin by n fr ur very kind words .. my pleasure, really .. do drop by more often :)

    V dada..dude, thts a secret ;) dude, u wont believe it, my dad ws tellin me the same thin - to change my blogname else I wont get any brides :D
    n Thnx bro fr the very kind words man..really appreciate it man.. touched :D

  17. Thnx n welcum Seema.. do drop by more often :)

    Thnx Deepak fr the wishes man.. drop by more often :)

    Hey mindbehindthemindlesslampoons, thnx fr the kind words man.. ya, I replaced my goatee wid my double chin :D.. thnx fr droppin by dude:)

  18. Purbaji, thnx fr droppin by n for ur wishes.. yup, it does feel great :).. do drop by more often, Purbaji :)

    Thnx Sujatha fr ur wishes.. do drop by more often :)

  19. Hi Raj !! Congratulations... i went through some of your blogs and found too good :) Great man!! Congrats again :)

  20. Congrats Mate ... This is a big achievement :)

  21. Congratulations!!! must be feeling great! Keep it up!


  22. WOW :-) Congratulations Man. Awesome :)

  23. Congrats! :) Your guest post on Spaceman Spiff's blog was hilarious! And you have one very cool blog! :)

  24. Hey Ravi, thnx a lot man.. welcum to my blog..glad u enjoyed them man..do drop by more often man :)

    Hey Aakash.. thnx man :) welcum to my blog.. do drop by more often man..wud love to hv u here more often :)

    Thanx n welcum to my blog, Prabhavathi.. do drop by more often :)

    Hey Mind, yup, feelin gud :) welcum to ma blog, Mind n thnx again .. do drop by more often, Mind :)

    Thnx Ashwini..welcum to my blog n thnx fr ur kind words.. do drop by more often Ashwini :)

    Hey Krishna, thnx fr goin thru the same n thnx fr ur kind words :) Wud love to hv u here more often..do drop by, Krishna :)

  25. congratulations...nice to know about that.......


  26. that's so great!!! congratulations :)


  28. Hey Soumyadeep..thnx so much man n nice blog u keep dude :)

    Thnx Josh.. really appreciate :)

  29. Hey IS, thnx so much fr ur kind words.. really feels nice readin ur comment.. thnx so much :)

  30. Hey Raj,
    Finally got to read stuff on your blog :)
    This might be a bit out of date but congrats!

    1. Bingo! N I finally got to reply to ur comment :D
      thnx so much :)