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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rock On, Rockstar!!!

Yup, I did it again!

Every year on the night of October 1st, I set a reminder message on my phone for the next day morning at 7 AM. And sure enough, I wake up every October 2nd morning by reading this message,

The message says, “Rock On, Rockstar!!!”

And yup, October 2nd is my b’day.


Corny? Yup, I know..very!!

But nothing beats waking up to this message in the morning on my bday.

Ya baby ya!! It’s my bday and the real party is me. Along with friends, family and facebook, here’s me wishing myself the best returns for the day and the superb year ahead!!!

Maybe it’s that time of the year but bdays put me into retrospective-introspective mode. I seriously can’t remember my first few bdays but I do remember seeing the pics. Dad had sideburns that he doesn’t let me grow; bell bottoms and big sunglasses were the order of the day then and mom had a mop hair cut that was so sooo disco! And in the faded photos, behind that big creamy bday cake, under the colorful balloons and next to the girls in pretty pink frocks was a much younger, a much cherubic and a much tamer version of what people say is me. It obviously can’t be!! I looked so damn innocent!! Then I remember those bdays of mine a lil later in life when I used to proudly show off my new dress gear in school and went about giving chocolates happily to everyone in class. And yes, I did give a few extra ones to that girl I still regret not telling her how cute she looked. J

After that, there were the bdays where I was at home and the day’s specialty was mom’s specially made payasam and dad’s specially reserved wishes. This went on for a few years and then came the years where bdays were booze parties with stone broke buddies whose definition of a bday party involved nudity, electricity and chocolate sauce (go ahead, use ur imagination! ;)). Then there were the years when certain special people would take all the trouble to get a cake and some of my closest buddies together for a ‘surprise’ party at midnite. The last few bdays saw me wake up to the above message once in the heady waltz of Vegas, another time in a shack in Goa and then thrice in the beach houses by Bangkok. And as for this year? Well I already did a Dubai just a few weeks back and that should do for the travel for this year(ya, I'm broke!), but this year, more than the surroundings around me, it’s what is inside me that’s making it special…

This year, I feel a glowing optimism within me and a hopeful feeling that I finally have an idea of what to do with my life. Sure, I’ll keep it to myself for the time being and see for a while if it really is the real deal, and if it is, then I wanna put all of myself into this new chosen path and that is really what’s keepin up the buzz within me of late. J

And yes, the common denominator all these years has been the staunch stupidity that I bring along with me and am so proud of; while many people think they get wiser ever bday, I think it’s the foolishness of the yesteryears that really make life memorable and celebratory. And for me, it’s my second nature to be stupid (maybe even first! J). And two big learnings I’ve picked up over the years are one, it really is all about your friends and family (thank you Karan Johar! J) and two, that there really are things more important than money but you kinda get to them only after taking care of the money aspect. And things I need to work on – well, I do have these rare instances of short temperedness, which I seriously need to work on. But then again, like the big dude sez, “Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna mushkil hai” J

So here’s relishing, rejoicing and reveling another big day in the life and times of Ranjith Raj…. Rock On, Rockstar!!!

Happy B’day, Me !!

And do wait up for the fireworks guys…

I have begun.