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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gaadi, Zindagi aur Sawari

By Gaadi.com
(The dreamy times) Its sinuous curves shaped his childhood dreams. Ever since he was a kid, the red shiny car adorned not only his bedroom walls but also his heart and mind. The Ferrari is ‘the’ racing car, with its continued amazing success in Formula One.  Ferrari cars and its logo – the prancing horse - are seen as a symbol of speed, luxury and wealth.  And all his childhood, Ferrari was the one race car with which he wanted to race ahead in his open life. 

In his passenger seat, he saw his dad, his hero. 

For he knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile are the amazing looks that only a Ferrari can give.

By Gaadi.com

(The roaring 20s) College came and he needed to go from A to B. And sometimes to D but come back to C while still going to E – basically a lot of driving to be managed within his meager pocket money. His pocket money could only afford such a car – his Maruti 800. And it was also his first car, his first love; that taught him how to drive, that gave him amazing mileage and was low maintenance. Other aspects that mattered to him were the resale value, widespread service points and affordable parts. 

In his passenger seat, he mostly took his mom to the temple every Sunday, and his friends every other day. 

For he knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the amazing affordability that only a Maruti 800 can give. 

By Gaadi.com

(The wild 30s) After college, he got his job. The job consumed him and he worked and toiled hard to get ahead. And he partied equally harder. He had tons of friends, with whom he went for long drives, weekend getaways and night outs. His Honda Brio was his alter ego – it reflected his style and his car was his image. The world famous Honda quality and fuss free ownership made sure he spend more time on the roads than off it. 

 In his passenger seat, he took his lady love with whom he made plans for their life together – she, he and their Brio.  

For he knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the style that only a Honda Brio can give. 

By Gaadi.com

(The glorious 40s) At 40 he was his life’s boss. His time was money and his money was time. He knew that a man is known for the company he keeps, the strings he can pull and the car he drives. His ride was no longer about transportation but a social statement about himself. His car had to behave like him, move like him and be like him. Something his Skoda Superb with its German build quality, great engine and top notch comfort added superbly into his lifestyle. 

In his passenger seat, he happily took his family, away together from the grind of city life for the weekly much needed ‘us‘ time.  

For he knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the status that only a Skoda Superb can give. 

By Gaadi.com

(The better half) As his life took greater ups and turns, his family had their own rides to take them to their dreams. While he brought home the bread, his wife put the butter. While he made the palaces, she decorated them with love, warmth and joy. She too needed her wheels to add wings to her wishes. And she found a home away from her home within the sturdy and muscular comfort of her Toyota Fortuner. The Fortuner blended into their lives with its safety, luxury, style and sportiness.  

In her passenger seat, she took the kids for ice cream, shopping and their school cricket matches.

For she knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the security that only a Toyota Fortuner can give.

By Gaadi.com

(The lil ones) And when their kids grew up, they had their own roads to travel. For the kids and for the environment, they got themselves the Reva, an electric car that boasts of zero emissions truly saves the planet with each drive. What adds to the charm are the super low running costs, great maneuverability and dent resistant body. 

In its passenger seat, they kept their pride in helping saving the planet by taking one polluting car off the street and replacing it with a nonpolluting one.  

For they knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the sense of green responsibility that only a Reva can give. 

By Gaadi.com

(The glorious 50s) And then he had arrived in the world and he needed a car as big as his accomplishments. He had achieved most of his dreams and ambitions, met a fantastic woman, raised a beautiful family together, and had done his part for society. He was a big shot and his car-time now was mostly back seat. He owed to himself only the best that life could offer and his S Class was a validation of that. Considered to be the best car in the world, the S Class paid attention to the most minute details, had enormous emotional connect and had its own distinct scent. 

And in his passenger seat, he kept his many, many accomplishments.  

For he knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the sense of accomplishment that only a Mercedes S Class can give. 

By Gaadi.com

(The unsettling twilights) And then came the stage when it hit him and hit him hard – he had done everything he needed to do in life and started becoming aware of how short life really is. He had already retired from active work, his kids had moved on and he needed to do something to save himself from the boredom. The Porsche was his answer to reclaim his faded youth. The wind hit his face and his life glided past in his rear window. The Porsche’s high performance engines, outstanding handling characteristics, and classic design gave him a sense of control over his scheme of things.  

For he knew that a car takes you from one place to another; but what makes the journey worthwhile is the power that only a Porsche can give. 

(The dreamy times) Then came the day which descends on even the most liveliest of men. He didn’t know where he went or which road he took. He didn’t feel the power, the control or the drive. In the driver’s seat, there was none but the shoulders of the ones who loved him as much as he loved them. They lowered him gently into the ground, spoke good words of him, put handfuls of soil respectfully onto him, buried him and wept for him. 

But he closed his eyes happy.  

For he knew that life takes you from one place to another; but what made the journey worthwhile was what he put in his passenger’s seat. 

So what do you put in your passenger's seat?

This post was written for gaadi.com (Link here). You can research new cars, check car prices, compare cars, buy and sell new and old cars at Gaadi.com.



  1. WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I simply loved your post... I mean... Really WOW...
    Smiling all the way through it...
    A car is so damn important... it tells a lot about it's owner...
    Loved those lines in italics

    P.S. You didn't mention anything about an Audi (I am just saying this because I am a big Audi Fan and R8 is my dream car :P)

    1. Hey Thinker, super happy to see you again and super glad that you liked the post! Thanks so much for the kind, kind words.

      You know, I had the R8 in my mind when I thought of this post first but with time for some reason, it changed to Porsche.. and ya, the R8 is one mean piece of wheels.. glad we share a same passion :)

      Next time, it's R8.

      Thanks for dropping by Thinker.. do drop by more often :)

  2. Guess who's back? I was virtually blind for six months, but now I can actually read your posts again. How's life, Mr Superstar? I hope good. What I put in my passenger's seat . . . well, that would be my Bollywood princess, so it's all good.

    P.S.: A Ferrari is not a car. It's a Ferrari. ;)

    1. Hey Blue, wow, man its glad to see u! :)

      What happened? Life's good on my side Grumps .. me too was away from blogging for a while and have not still managed to get myself back completely :)

      Hope allz well on ur side of the world :)

      Ferrari. Ferrari. Ferrarrrrrrrrrrrrrri.
      ya baby.

    2. What happened.... I got diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis. Pffffft don't worry about it. It's rare and there's no cure, so I'm lucky to be alive. But, hey, when do we get to buy that car um... Ferrari? I'm sure it would look good on you. Yesssssss

  3. Now I get it, when men say that your first car is like your first girlfriend. Men and Cars. There is a connection.
    BTW Car Expo began today in Delhi. And Tata launched two vehicles day before yesterday. Hope this year is good for the car industry. Last year was a damp squib.
    Interesting how you connect each stage of life with different cars.

    1. Yup Alka, men and cars, men and bars, janam janam ka bandhan :)

      Welcome to my blog Alka, happy to see u here.

      Yup, the auto segment is going thru quite a strain - I think its in constraints that Indian auto comes up with the best innovations, so I'm sure they'll cook up something very cool n very world class to jump start the decline.

      Glad u liked it Alka.. do drop by more often :)

  4. Really enjoyed the read. Do write more often.

    1. Great to know that Unknown.. welcome to my blog n see you here again :)

  5. Really enjoyed the read. Do write more often.

  6. I thought you said you wanted to go for a spin? You,me, two beautiful um passengers.

  7. oooh.... all those wheels!! and i still drive a maruti 800 - love the little car!

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