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Monday, March 28, 2011

From the diary of a Womanizer.......

Women love him. Men otherwise.

He’s always seen with a lady friend by his side. And for the few occasions where he’s seen with men, he always seems to blend in into his surroundings but yet, he somehow stands out. There’s something about him that makes him the center of attraction even when he’s not.

Maybe it’s his dressing style. He accessorizes his wardrobe with the latest that fashion has to offer – he is in fashion and fashion is in him. He has always strived to be the best dressed man in the room and he invariably is. He’s well read, well opinionated and can strike an engaging conversation with anyone – in his own words, he is a cunning linguist and a master debater, in all glory to the pun.

Of course, he’s in love. But always, in and out of it. The one everlasting love relation he has is with himself and that is his only claim to fidelity. He has loved once, the way you and me love; but he was shattered with the way it went. Today’s his biggest heartbreak is his biggest learning and contrary to others’ perceptions of him, he actually respects women; it’s monogamy that he disrespects.

He has said ‘Hello’ more times than ‘Goodbye’ but unknown to the world around him, with each Goodbye, another part of his heart cracks. But he keeps that only to himself; to the world, he hides his pain, frustration and loneliness behind his charming smile. And to take his mind off it, he tries to makes his life as interesting as possible by being open minded, which in turn attracts more people to his life.

While men have hated and secretly admired his guts, women have called him a friend, a lover, a final fling, a heartbreaker, a bastard (the most common) and many, many more…..

They say that every woman wants to be with a womanizer, hoping that she will be his last.

“Oh, how they fail…… “, he thinks to himself and smiles….

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the Best Comment goes to....

Obviously this idea is not mine(like all good things in life J) but I thought why not I commend on the best comments that others have left on my blog. So here goes:

For the random time period ending 12th March, please find the best commenter in each category.

Most commented commenter: (Award for the person who made the most number of comments)

We have a tie here between Pramodji (http://likemymusings.blogspot.com/) and Red (http://anuglyhead.blogspot.com/)

Longest Comment : (Award for the person who made the longest comment)

By Red (http://anuglyhead.blogspot.com/)

Comment was :

wow!! that was a nice intro..

two lines whr taken from the father ...i mean google. The forbes one nd the looking at work all day long one.

You really have a passion for movies like dabang? i hope tht was sarcastic.

Nd i support your concept of billionaire. we might be penniless but why let the world know :P

This was for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/01/his-name-is-r-j.html

“Yikes, what was that again?” comment : (Award for the person who made the strangest comment)

By VK (http://vkfeel.blogspot.com/): yes sir, you do paint a lovely picture J

Comment was:

“try writing a situation again pissing, next to your father, elder brother, father in law, and such odd ones. what could be results in every scenario?

This was for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/03/pissing-away-ur-career.html

Most profoundest comment: (Award for the person who made the comment with the deepest meaning)

By Harish (http://diaryofaragingbull.blogspot.com/)

Comment was:

lol... moments in urinal can be career defining.

This was for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/03/pissing-away-ur-career.html

Best career advice comment:

Definitely Pramodji (http://likemymusings.blogspot.com/)

Comment was:

Raj, hee- haw,hee- hee -, if you've heard from naukri. com
Go ahead n piss on him, but whatever you do, be brief.

This was again for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/03/pissing-away-ur-career.html

Congrats 2 the winners.... till next week, keep commenting, folks....



Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pissing away ur career.....

To all the men out there, has this ever happened to you:

You’re in the loo at the urinal and you’re relieving yourself, with your mind and body in total bliss and relaxed abandon as you’re finally able to take a load off yourself (J), when suddenly, your boss walks up and positions himself strategically in the urinal next to you.

What do you do?

I’ve had this instance one too many times and each time, my reaction to this situation has moved from utter awkwardness to even more. I still don’t know what to do in such a stress test (stress, by the way, is not really helpful for the problem in hand J). Friendly guy that I am, I blurt out to my boss in his intimate moment with himself, “Hey, how’s it going?” And his subsequent icy cold stare was more than enough for me to realize that that question was not the most apt one for that particular situation. It obviously is a tough question for him in that situation, and the probable list of answers to it can suggest the very unpalatable to even questioning his manhood. Of course, the intent of my question was pure and innocent bonhomie however the locational aspects of the particular question gave what was otherwise a very harmless question some seriously suggestive undertones. And understandably, my boss couldn’t answer; So all he resorted to in reply was a malevolent stare, enough to send a cold wave down the length and breadth of my already frozen body and the attached fleshy appendages. As I respond to his spiteful gaze with a sheepish smile, mental pictures of a bad appraisal, difficult projects and generally a hard time (no pun intended) in office came to my mind. Terms like ‘pissing away my career’ suddenly started to make sense to me.

This has happened one too many times, so now I try not to engage in small talk in the small room. But this is difficult for me; I've always been a friendly guy and am just used to saying ‘Hi’ even without thinking; so it’s difficult to for me to not say anything when I see a familiar face. The other obvious thing which I usually do nowadays, is to just shut up and focus on the task at hand and concentrate on not missing the imaginary target that I fire at with full force and with intense concentration.

So my boss’s boss walks in and stands in the urinal right next to me. Friendly guy that I am, I blurt out again, “So how’s it hanging?”


I might need another job.

(My friend Sachin gave me this idea..awesum one :))