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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The future of the Blogginggzzz.... :)

Divya, Divya, the most useful Divya …

A very dear blogdost of mine, Divya the most useful, has give me the privilege of writing a guest post in her remarkable blog.

This is my first time somebody has ever asked me to guest blog on their site (looks like nobody warned her J) so it’s mighty special for me too.

And considering that I met Divya and other such friends via blogging, my post here talks on that all consuming thing we all do called blogging and yes, on the future of Indian blogging (yes, seriously!). J

Divya’s got a charming lil blog, a got a zany sense of humor and she writes like a dream.

So go ahead friends, check out her blog and make ur day. J

And thank you Most Useful, u just made mine.


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  1. Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

  2. You scratch my back, I will scratch yours! :) But after all that, R-a-j asks for a "also like me on facebook" thing. Guys always like that one extra scratch na? :)

    So Bro - your preditions of Ra.1 seem to be going wrong. I see bad reviews so far.. But anyways, SRK must have got his money. Its the distributors that will take the hit.

    BTW, I love the humor of your writing any day man. Someday, I will hope that you will make a sequel to Golmaal..

  3. Raj you make me go from your page to fb page to Divya's page coz i love the fun you churn out!

    wish u a very happy diwali and yes, write more yaar:-)

  4. okie. going over there now.
    congrats on your first guest post

  5. You write really well Raj.. The guest blog was funny in a very different yet positive way!! Nallathu aanu!! :D

  6. just read it..so cool!

  7. Hey Seema, thnx n hope u hd the same.. do drop by more often :)

    Hey V Dada, ya man, Ra.One is pathetically bad on the reviews front man, but dude, it's hittin the bullseye.. 170crs in 5 days aint bad man...dude, thnx so much fr ur kind words V Dada.. but Golmaal n me? u're too kind man :)

  8. Hey Suruchi, thnx fr takin all the trouble.. my sense of direction has always been terrible :)
    thnx so much fr ur kind words, Suruchi.. hope u hd a gr8 festival of lights :)

    Thnx Sujatha.. i knw its a lil too much of links..my apologies.. thnx fr droppin by Sujatha :)

  9. Thanks so much Binu fr ur kind words.. glad u found it nice ...inniyum varranum :)

    Hey Josh, thnx man.. do drop by more often :)

  10. will do so for sure :)

    how are you doing ...


  11. Raj and Divya; both great bloggers. Guest post is like an icing on the cake. :)