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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For all Seasons

Sometimes when you look into a chilled glass of sparkling white wine, you see many things….

It’s been another day of mad rush, of never ending deadlines; of mind being soaked in the frustration of never ending traffic jams; of ears being pounded by mad cacophony of blaring horns, whirring engines and radios; of sweat, smells, dust and grime overwhelming you and your worn-out body…

and now finally in the evening, you’re cozily draped in the comfort of your home with a relaxing glass of chilled wine.

And as you look into it, you see many things…. sometimes you see your reflection on the glass… but sometimes, you just reflect on yourself….

You see that you’ve made it through another busy day and are glad that you’re finally at home, sweet home… You see that work, of late, has been pretty mad and even though it’s been topsy turvy, you know that you’re still handling things quite well… You see that you may not be able to understand everything that’s happening around you, but you are still secure in your feeling that you are definitely marching forward….

You see that you have your big goals for life and even though you put some other urgent things on priority, you know you that you’re still working towards them and are steadily inching towards achieving them…. You see that you’ve built some great relationships over time – some great friends, a great family, a great set of well-wishers … sure, you have your share of people who’ve been rubbed the wrong way but yet, they are far outnumbered by the people whom you can call your own and who will call you as their own…

You see that you’re smart, capable and dependable and tomorrow, you can get only better.  You see that you weren’t born with a silver spoon, but you’re confident of turning your life into gold with your hard work, actions and drive…. 

You see that you haven’t still made it yet but you know that you’re definitely getting there.  And that sometimes, you need a glass of sparking cold wine to celebrate the phenomenon that is you.

And sometimes when you look into a chilled glass of sparkling white wine, you see many things….

You see the little bubbles dancing in a swirl inside the golden liquid,  you feel a soothing chill on your fingers as you grasp the stem of the curvaceous wine glass and you smell a cold sparkle in the aromatic air that plays inside your nostrils..  and you anticipate the crisp flavors that will roll deliciously around your taste buds…

Sometimes it’s just not about drinking wine; sometimes you’re just celebrating yourself.

You see yourself and you like what you see… Because whatever season it may be,

you are becoming the success that you wanted to be.

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  1. After a few glasses of anything alcoholic, I see things, yes. Then after a few more I have memory loss! Lol.
    Now I'm on apple cider, hoping that an apple cider a day will keep the doctor away.
    Hope you're well despite the hectic lifestyle Raj!

  2. A glass of wine to celebrate the phenomenon that is you... I like that R-A-J. I like a glass of wine at the end of a tiring day, I look at it and make a toast: 'Another day seized. May there be many more.'

  3. Interesting !! Not sure about wine but after reading this an visualizing many things and realizing I shouldn't "whine " and cheer up :)
    Bful click too if u clicked !

  4. It is I am visualizing
    It's a typo :)

  5. Well, it sure beats the anal-in-your-vanilla story over at my place. ;)

  6. damnnn..i feel like getting a drink soon :):):)
    yeah..all the thinking..alcohol does that to one :):)
    nice read mate.


  7. I am not a drinker Raj.. But I can understand where you are coming from! :D Most of my friends (who drink) have given me a picture similar to the one you have! :D