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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bole toh Doctorgiri zindabad!

Circuit : Bhai, do you know of any gynecologist?
Muruli Prasad Sharma :  “Nahi Circuit, lekin bole to, tell them we can have a look at it.”

Circuit :  Sahi hai.  Bhai, does Modern Healthcare touch our lives?
Muruli Prasad Sharma: Haan Circuit, Modern Healthcare touches everybody’s lives.   Those 206 types of bones which we break, it’s Modern Healthcare that fixes it back.

(Dr. J. Asthana and Chinki walk to where Muruli Prasad and Circuit are standing)

Dr. J. Asthana: Can I ask what is going on here?
Murli Prasad Sharma:  Ask!  Don't be shy, ask. Come on, ask!
Chinki: Murali!!!

Murli Prasad Sharma:  Chinki, apun ko question poochne ka hai, how does Modern Healthcare touch our lives?
Chinki:  Well Muruli, Medical advancements have taken India pretty ahead in the game so much so that India is the toast of medical tourism, of affordable medical care and of extremely competent doctors.  Broadly there are five main players in the healthcare cycle – Doctors, patients, Hospitals, Insurance, Pharma and Equipment companies.   

Circuit :  ‘Toast’ bole toh?
Muruli Prasad Sharma: ‘Toast’ bole tho Sikki Roti, Circuit - sehar ke liye mast hai.

Chinki continues :

Like I was saying, broadly there are five main players in the healthcare cycle – Doctors, patients, Hospitals, Insurance, Pharma and Equipment companies.   Doctors are the face of Modern healthcare and it is their experience, judgment and ethic that connects Modern Healthcare with the patient.  

The patients are the ones  who pay for Modern Healthcare, and this money runs the whole system.  Patients today have longer life spans rates and higher service levels today due to Modern Health Care.  And Hospitals are the dispensers of Modern Healthcare.  Hospitals today pour millions to buy cutting edge equipment to help their doctors in treating diseases and to differentiate themselves from other hospitals that don’t. 

Hospitals also bear running and maintenance costs, amounting to crores, and they recover their huge investments in the form of usage charges to the patients. 

Dr. J. Asthana adds in:  There are also the invisible parts of Modern Healthcare - the pharma and equipment makers that pump billions into research and development and the Insurance companies that provides a financial cover to make all this work.

Circuit: Financial help kartha hai - apun ki tarah Social worker hai kya?
Muruli Prasad Sharma:  Arrey Circuit, patients can take insurance to cover their medical costs, while hospitals also insure their expensive machinery.  It makes Modern Health Care affordable.

Dr. J. Asthana:  But there are things that patients have to do at their side too so that diseases can be prevented – after all, ‘Prevention is the best form of Cure’.
Chinki : Bhai Hindi mein boley toh?
Muruli Prasad Sharma:  simple hain yaar – ‘Prevention’ bole to Nirodh, ‘Cure’ bole to Illaaz – “For best results, use condom”
Chinki: Murali!!!

Chinki adds in :

In today’s times, Modern Healthcare can cure more diseases than before.  People with Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes can today enjoy their lives while fatal diseases like Small Pox and Rinderpest have been successfully eradicated.  But Modern Health care can be expensive, so patients need to do the following to make sure they can enjoy Modern Healthcare better:

  • But adequate insurance -medical and life- for self and loved ones.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle by following some simple ideas– if you eat a heavy and fatty meal, keep the next few meals light; Use the stairs or walk, instead of bike,  to the nearby kirana stores to buy groceries; and have a hobby.
  • Have a family doctor whose number is always on your speed dial.
  • Make known to everyone at home the number of the nearest hospital and of the nearest ambulance.

Dr. J. Asthana:  Also, hospitals should make sure that they train their staff to be more sympathetic to patients.  Often patients complain that even though the doctors are very kind, the staff are rude and insensitive to patients in their gravest hours.
Muruli Prasad Sharma:  Aey mamu.. jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam…. Tension nahi lene ka.

Chinki : So Muruli, now do you know how Modern healthcare touches lives?
Muruli Prasad Sharma:  Bilkul Chinki, Modern healthcare not only touches lives but also improves it.  Bole toh Doctorgiri zindabad!

Bole toh, ye meri entry hai 'Apollo Hospital's "How does Modern Healthcare Touch Lives"' blogging contest ke liye.

Apun ke liye vote karne ka boss (here


  1. Very nice post.. Ur post touch my heart... Its true modren healthcare is like god.. They saves life keep writing

    1. Hey Ajnabi, thanks for dropping by again friend.

      Happy to know that it did so. Do drop by again man :)

  2. And one more condition for making hospitals more patient friendly.. "Form karne ke liye kisi ko rakho bhai" :)

    As usual, the light-hearted 'Raj' way to give a message right to the heart. I loved that reminder to keep the telephone numbers of hospital and ambulance handy. It is extremely important to avoid panic during emergencies.

    1. V Dada!! Dude, whaddappp??? :)

      True man, koi mar rela ho to usko form bharna zaroori hai kya? :D

      Humbled with ur comment my friend .. glad u liked it man :)

      Yup, u said it! :)

      Always happy to see u here bro :)

  3. Nice way to present the benefit of modern medical fraternity in improving the longevity of human life. Good luck with the contest!

    1. Hey Ramakant, nice to see here friend :)

      Great that you think that way... thanks man :)

      Do drop by more often Ramakant :)

  4. India is the toast of medical tourism? I've never heard it put that way. Toast? 'For best results, use condom'? Why didn't I think of that, R-A-J? Well, all I can say is I'm glad there are doctors but the system is too bureaucratic to my taste. Also, something needs to be done about the pharma companies that force us to pay extortionate prices.

    Other than that, it's all good. ;)

    1. Hey Grumps, happy to see you here!

      methinks bureaucracy is sadly a given nowadays but I'm actually more afraid of docs charging you more once they know you have insurance. And ya, pharma too. But all in all, think the medical part of life nowadays is pretty good.

      Thanks for dropping by, Shakespeare X :)

    2. Yes, they think you're a walking wallet. It makes me sick. Pun intended, of course. Enjoy life, R-A-J!

    3. P.S. I bet you never expected to see your pretty face in a game eh? CLICK!

  5. Bolee toh, ekdum jhakkas yeh post. :-)