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Thursday, October 31, 2013


for such a momentous day, she was feeling anything but...

rather she was feeling very light. and relieved. for Avanti, it was the rarest of days…

for her 26 years, her weary body had borne more pain and shed more tears than her eyes could cry. love destroyed her. and ruined her life. but today, she may just find closure.

her world did not accept her love.  at first, they convinced her that her young age did not know.  that her tender heart was making a mistake.  they squeezed her and she surrendered to their wishes.

but though she tried, her heart would not.  her heart could not.  she could not love another nor could she love any less.  she was too much in love and she looked up for understanding from her nearest and dearest.  which she never got.  her parents stood against her.  her society stood against her.  her world stood against her.

they tried to break her.  and crush her.  and they did - she was ridiculed, rebuked and reproached;
they tried to pin her down.  and lock her up.  and they did - she was locked in a room.  for long many years;
they tried to violate her and her love.  and they did -  they got her married off
against her will to an other, he who scarred her more and plundered her no less.

her wounds opened.  her body broke.  her spirit crushed.  but not her resolve.  when her heart could be broken no more and when she could be crumbled not further, she was empty.  an emptiness that carved a stronger resolve to leave everything behind.  


she left it all - her family, her habits, her life as she knew it, her world - all behind. to walk into the unknown.  to walk forward.

alongside Swati, the love of her life and the reason why she breathed.  in whose touch, taste, smell and hold, her emptiness stirred into hope, happiness, heaven.  the two women decided to leave familiar lives to start a new one.  together.  in a land far away where they may be accepted.  it mattered not though,  for they were finally together.  and free.

it was the day Swati slipped a ring on her Avanti to celebrate this day.  it shone natural white and it's metal celebrated her mettle.  it was rarer and purer than gold or silver.  and as rare and pure as their love.  it was everlasting, it was forever and it shone brighter that day. like them.

it was the rarest of mettle.  it was the rarest of loves.  it was the rarest of days.

it was an end.  it was a beginning.  it was for the rest of their lives.

it was Avanti and Swati’s platinum day of love.

Look into her eyes, hold her hands and slip her that ring.  For precious you, for precious her, for that precious moment and for precious platinum, this is the Platinum Day of Love (link here).


  1. Wow I pray u win... This was sooo different from the rest f the posts I read for this contest.

    1. Haha, nah, not likely.. that'll be quite 'rare' an event :)

      but thanks so much Red for thinking like so... Long time Red.. hope all is well on ur side... love the new look on ur blog... been a lil out of the whole blogging scene for a while :)

      So happy to see u back Red :)

  2. That was a gud one. As red said, a different one.

    1. Thanks man Leo... glad to see the Paw leave its print here :)

  3. I agree with Red..... I hope to God u win!!!! A piece of writing that made me sit up and read again...... Kudos

    1. (Taking a bow....)

      Thanks so much Nirvana .. read ur... its simply awesome!

      Glad to see u back Nirvana :)

  4. I was expecting more of a personal story with names changed.. But it turned out to be very very different from what I thought! Cool da!

    All the best for the contest :) You are definitely in contention..

    1. Aliya!!!!!!!

      Long time man... happy to see u here.. me been off bloggin fr a while.. hope all's good on ur side man :)

      hahaha, glad u liked it macha... thanks man for the very kind words :)

      very happy to see u here man :)

  5. Boss! I expected a come back. Update the blog NOW!! And I am doing gooood! Hope all is well at your side too!! :)

    1. :)

      Yelp, I'm domesticated.. it takes time for my reflexes :D

      next one's dedicated to you Red. :)

  6. Oh yeah, you seriously need to come back!

    Loved the post, reminded me of an album I saw long back on FB.

    All the best Raj. You are being missed here chets, come back soon :)

    1. Somz, long, long time yaar... I keep seeing ur updates on fb about restaurants in Indiaranagar where you guys just visited and I tell myself, 'man, we just missed them' :)

      Thanks for dropping by... happy to see u here :)

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    1. haha, what the hell r u talking bout, dude? :)

  8. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

  9. Replies
    1. Hey Pankti, welcome to my blog... happy that u feel that way :)

      Thanks for dropping by.. do drop by more often :)

  10. U took a sabattical from blog :) ?
    Anyway glad to read u after so long and I echo what red handed said
    Its one of the few posts which is sounding unique and I really hope swati and avanti wont be tormented in the new land.
    Crisp clear words with STRONG emotion embedded in them

    Godd luck Raj

    1. Hey Afshan, yup took a break from the bloggin world~ actually was just lazy and was travelling :)

      Nice to see you Afshan - I did go thru ur posts now n then and I can see you've really blossomed into an amazing writer. Love ur stories, ur take on bollywood and ur style of writing. :)

      Happy to see u here Afshan :)

  11. I've nothing new to say besides what has already been said about your different take on the topic. However, I'd further say that I like the way you've used some words - mettle vs metal, end vs beginning. Nicely done :) All the best. Here' my story - http://raksharaman.blogspot.in/2013/11/lost-but-found.html

    1. Welcome to my blog Raksha!

      Wow, glad that u feel that way.. humbled. Thanks for sharing ur link - like I said, love ur flair and ur unique way with quotes :)

      do drop by more often Raksha :)

  12. WOW! A very different one from the ones I've read! All the best :)

    1. Welcome to my blog Namrata!

      Glad that u feel that way - read urs too - and yup, very unique n different :)

      Do drop by more often, Namrata :)

  13. Long time, no see. Busy f*%&ing? Did you win?

    I thought this post was on your engagement and all that jazz!

    Write more often.

    Joy always,

    1. Hey Susan, hahaha.. was kinda busy yes.. but not really on the f trail (not completely).. Hey, I always win :)

      Nah, I didn't even have an engagement :)

      Always happy to see u Susan.. do drop by more often, dost :)