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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

His name is R-A-J

I’ve known this guy for a very long time now. In more ways than one. :)

And I think he could win the Oscar for the most interesting person I know.

I’ve been told that there are 7 deadly sins; but after meeting him, I know that list is incomplete. He is the human incarnation of the word narcissism. And he’s proud of it.

He works with one of the bigger IT companies in Bangalore (half of Bangalore works in IT, the other half has got a life!) and he’s pompous enough to admit that he’s fairly good at what he does. Interestingly, he looks at life through four different perspectives: Personal, Professional, Financial and Spiritual. Here’s introducing him to you, through these fours views:

Personal: He hails from God’s own country (he claims that Kerala is known as God’s own Country cos all the devils end up here in Bangalore : P). His dad is a retired engineer and mom, a house maker. He has a younger sister and brother, who work as software professionals based out of Kerala. His sister has just been blessed with a baby girl and the kid is the light of all their lives, their bundle of joy and the apple of all their eyes (and so forth…).He’s currently tryin hard to ‘woo’ his 2 year niece (ya, the same bundle of joy I was talkin bout earlier…), who just doesn’t seem to warm up to him (his luck with women never seems to change :)). He’s tried cuddly bears, toys, sweets, funny glasses ; though kurkure seems to be promising... Since his birthday is always a dry day (Oct 2nd), he has become a master planner of sorts over the years by buying booze way in advance. He claims to be into theatre, though he’s got no credible proof. And to make sure he gives a hard time to humanity, he’s also into public speaking (usually it’s the public who does the speaking when he talks). His certified passions are movies (only critically acclaimed pieces of cinematic excellence like Dumb&Dumber, Om Shanthi Om, Dabangg etc) and music (his kind of music usually peps him up, annoys the neighbors and wakes up the rooster).

Professional: He claims to be an engineer with an MBA (ya, rite!) but the irony is he’s got certificates to prove it :P. His working philosophy is “Work Hard, but work Smarter!” Actually, he likes work and is fascinated by it: he can sit and look at it for hours without doing anything :). Another interesting bit about him is that he was one of those affected by India’s so called ‘biggest corporate scandal’.

Financial: He does not want to be a Billionaire, he only wants to live like one. Every morning he gets up and looks through the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. If he’s not there, he goes to work. He spends most of his money on wine, women and gambling; the rest of it, he spends it foolishly. He claims to be heavily influenced by a book called as ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and recommends it to anyone who does the mistake of listening to him. His most promising tactic is to always borrow money from pessimists; they won’t expect it back.

Spiritual: Spiritually, he’s known to be quite liberal and endorses secular views. His personal philosophy is that in every set back in life is actually a stepping stone for success of a far greater magnitude and that “If it is to be, it’s up to me” (influence of too many Rajnikanth movies :P).

I meet this guy every day, in and out of life, almost like a bad habit. Most people who know him opine that in the interest of civilization, such people should be quarantined.

And by the way, he’s grateful that you’re reading his blog right now.



  1. And I am sure "He" (R-A-J) reads PG Wodehouse


    --Another Wodehouse aficionado

  2. Hey nice, now even I know a R-A-J! NAAM TO SUNNAI HAI!

  3. Hey Pradeep, thnx fr ur comments..yup :)

    Pooja, bade bade deso mein aisi .... :)

    Thnx guys :)

  4. Well written intro. I bought the biggest contract scandal stock at a big price and Loads of them and I still hold them.

    If not, I would be in the Forbes List. We do have something in common then.

  5. Thanks Showa.

    Well, I didn't buy that particular stock but I compensated it by buying lotta other turkeys n still hold them.....my family(n maybe Forbes too) proudly point to me as a case study of 'what NOT to do at the stock market' :D

    Thanks for reading, Showa :)

  6. wow!! that was a nice intro..

    two lines whr taken from the father ...i mean google. The forbes one nd the looking at work all day long one.

    You really have a passion for movies like dabang? i hope tht was sarcastic.

    Nd i support your concept of billionaire. we might be penniless but why let the world know :P

  7. well, carry on raj.
    grand and bold revelations. Bertie would be proud of him.

  8. Hey Red Handed, u gt me red handed :) thnx fr goin thru my post n commentin ...exactly on the billionaire bit :)

    Thanks Pramodji :)

  9. I couldn't figure out that you were talking about yourself until I read it in the end. Liked the humor in the post and I guess I should start reading PG Wodehouse now.

  10. Hey Nethra, between you and me , that makes two of us wrt Wodehouse...thnx fr goin thru my post :)

  11. Win the Oscar before you get quarantined :) Now I know how some bollywoods survive those few days in the halls.

    Nice one Raj! Good wishes!!

  12. Very nice intro. I liked it. But the "forbes mag" thing is 'inspired'. isn't it?

  13. Hey Sairam....thnx fr the comments..yes thnx to maibaap google, inspiration has never been short ;)

    thnx fr droppin by:)

  14. Damn nice intro
    "His most promising tactic is to always borrow money from pessimists; they won’t expect it back."
    is this original ?loved this

  15. nice intro!! enjoyed reading it.

  16. Thnx sunwicked...glad u liked it..nope :)

    Thnx Nirvana.. thnx fr droppin by :)

  17. Now that was an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. intro!!! :)

  18. Thnx Chica..thnx fr droppin by :)

  19. thanks Shahi fr ur kind words.. do drop by more often:)

  20. Nice way to introduce urself to ur readers ;)


    P.S- Good luck with the lady who loves Kurkure

  21. Thnx CRD.. welcum to my blog :)