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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the Best Comment goes to....

Obviously this idea is not mine(like all good things in life J) but I thought why not I commend on the best comments that others have left on my blog. So here goes:

For the random time period ending 12th March, please find the best commenter in each category.

Most commented commenter: (Award for the person who made the most number of comments)

We have a tie here between Pramodji (http://likemymusings.blogspot.com/) and Red (http://anuglyhead.blogspot.com/)

Longest Comment : (Award for the person who made the longest comment)

By Red (http://anuglyhead.blogspot.com/)

Comment was :

wow!! that was a nice intro..

two lines whr taken from the father ...i mean google. The forbes one nd the looking at work all day long one.

You really have a passion for movies like dabang? i hope tht was sarcastic.

Nd i support your concept of billionaire. we might be penniless but why let the world know :P

This was for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/01/his-name-is-r-j.html

“Yikes, what was that again?” comment : (Award for the person who made the strangest comment)

By VK (http://vkfeel.blogspot.com/): yes sir, you do paint a lovely picture J

Comment was:

“try writing a situation again pissing, next to your father, elder brother, father in law, and such odd ones. what could be results in every scenario?

This was for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/03/pissing-away-ur-career.html

Most profoundest comment: (Award for the person who made the comment with the deepest meaning)

By Harish (http://diaryofaragingbull.blogspot.com/)

Comment was:

lol... moments in urinal can be career defining.

This was for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/03/pissing-away-ur-career.html

Best career advice comment:

Definitely Pramodji (http://likemymusings.blogspot.com/)

Comment was:

Raj, hee- haw,hee- hee -, if you've heard from naukri. com
Go ahead n piss on him, but whatever you do, be brief.

This was again for the post: http://fu-ck-lo-ve.blogspot.com/2011/03/pissing-away-ur-career.html

Congrats 2 the winners.... till next week, keep commenting, folks....




  1. R-A-J- I feel honored receiving this award!!

    Another reason to keep commenting on your posts. Hah nice nice!! thnx for leaving comments on my post too sire!!

  2. really an honor bro. thank you very much for the mention and visit! cheers :-)

  3. haha... tats a very different post abt comments.. ;) i also wrote a blog abt comments.. but not somethin like this... hehe..
    this is completely diff... nice idea... ;)

  4. My pleasure Harish...thnx fr droppin by :)

    Thanks Anoop 4 the kind words :) :)