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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Resto-review: 100Feet Boutique, Bangalore

Every place has got a soul.

And at its soul, Indiranagar is known to be rich, classy and sophisticated. Indiranagar is one of the oldest and poshest places in Bangalore. And between three roads - 100 feet road, 80 feet road and CMH road - live a million souls, collectively making up the place that is Indiranagar.

Little wonder that when a restaurant is named after one of these three life veins of Indiranagar, you expect a slice of Indiranagar in it.

The First Impression: The 100 feet Boutique is located on the famous road of Indiranagar of the same name, opposite to the New Horizon College. The place offers valet parking and in the evenings, the blue neon lights outline the word '100ft', which makes for a very classy entrance. However the construction work nearby takes away a little bit of this elegance. This is one place where you might need to dress up for; not exactly the joint where you can walk in with a night bermuda and tees (which is my preferred attire outside office :)). The crowd is almost always the up society types, peppered liberally with foreigners. As you walk in, you do feel nice to get soaked into the dim lit elegance.

The Parking: Parking can be a little bit of an issue for four wheelers, especially on the busy weekends but since there is valet parking, more often than not, the gentleman will ensure your car gets parked in the near vicinity. Two wheelers should not have that much of a problem.

The Ambiance: My friend and I always play this little game of finding the best seat in any restaurant we go to and we figured that the best seat on the ground floor at 100ft is one beneath the sun shade, with a small tank of water (you can kill time just looking at the fish). However since we had made our reservations late, we had to make do with the corner most seat to the left, which gave us a good view of the place (the LCD right above us did make it a tad uncomfortable.) But in a while, you just start absorbing the ambiance and get a good feeling about the place. The place resembles one of those old majestic residential houses, which Indiranagar is famous for, that has now been converted into a restaurant. The place also has a Boutique, where they house a lot of knick knacks, paintings and artifacts. All in all, it adds up to create a quaint, classy and charming ambiance - very candle light friendly- perfect for those romantic candle lit dinners.

The Service: The service is very good, with the waiters just around the corner but not in your face either.

The Food: And now for the main act - the food. In one word, the food is amazing. One thing I really like about 100ft is that they present your food in a very clean, classy and chic way. We started with a fruit punch and the glass had a slice of orange and a piece of strawberry perched on top of it -somebody really put in some effort to make sure that the two pieces of fruit do not fall off the glass as you drink it. The attention to detail is quite remarkable. And as for the punch, it tasted very fresh and was just right with no fruit flavor overwhelming your taste buds. There's just a hint of a fruit favor but you get refreshed with the drink . My friend and I ordered pasta - me opting for an Arrabbiata (the Italian word for 'angry' - me didn't know :)) - penne pasta in red sauce and my vegetarian friend ordered Genovese - penne pasta in white cream sauce. I also requested to have chicken sausage in mine. The food arrived in about the time that it takes for you to look around and soak in the ambience and also check out the boutique. The pasta was just as we had expected it to be - tasty, creamy and yummy. We didn't have the time for dessert as we were fairly full in a light sort of way.

The Verdict: In conclusion, a great place for a classy night out. Excellent ambiance, excellent food and good service. Expensive on the wallet.

I would really recommend this place for impressing someone. Just remember to make reservations in advance, esp if it's a Friday or Saturday. Yup, it is expensive - our bill for two pastas and a fruit punch came to Rs 844/-.

But for a slice of Indiranagar, in Indiranagar.

Its 100ft Boutique, Indiranagar.



  1. I was in Indiranagar last dec...you should have written this blogpost then...and i should have been blogging then! :D

  2. will remember that when i go to Bangalore :)

  3. Arrabbiata and all :| Now I'm craving.
    I don't like you. Hmph.

  4. haha, hey Red, next time u hit indiranagar, maybe we cud do coffee here :)

    Sure Sub.. awesum place fr a date btw :)

    Hey Pri, dont b so arabi.. :)

  5. I hope i'm not wrong, n this is yr 1st restro review? Its a good one either way. Now u'v made me crave for pasta, n that is not good coz i'm fasting today!I hope i'm not wrong, n this is yr 1st restro review? Its a good one either way. Now u'v made me crave for pasta, n that is not good coz i'm fasting today!

  6. Bangalore, the mere mention of this city makes me go cuckoo, Literally :D. And the place you mentioned above, sounds cool too!
    I so wanna be there. Sob Sob! :(

    Lol, I'm good :)

    Love, Risha :)

  7. Hey Pooja, dont worry, but well, I do have another resto-review last month.. but glad u're back here.. ya, ouch tht is a bad thing to b discussin fud when u fasting :) Thnx a lot fr ur kind words Pooja n welcum back :)

    Hey Risha, welcum back.. ya, I really like Bangalore fr the fud options it offers.. u gt a lotta yummy, yummy places around :)

    Glad to hv u back, Risha :)

  8. Hav u tried the mango lassi frm the place MAST KALANDAR near the backgate of NGV (National Games Village)? I dont knw if they still make it good, but for us it was crazy awesome!We cudnt try many restos coz f the office timing nd also the resto closing time. By the time we got back frm office,relaxed a bit and got hungry for dinner, all the good restos b closed by 10. Obviously u cannot roam thr after 11:30. So we had to cook ourselves. ;(

  9. Oh yes, Mast Kalandar does lotsa experimentation.. its really yum.. the only reason I dont frequent there much is cos its veg :)

    Very true.. B'lore closes by 11 yaar.. so saaad :)

  10. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

    100FT is my fav fav fav restaurant in the whole blooooody world :) I loowee this place and the lil boho shop they have...sigh!! I miss bangalore so much more now :(

  11. try their Daiquiri!!!! Best in town....

  12. Hey Chintan, yup, my ex loved the place n it ws kinda like our place fr those special days... now its Casa Picola :)

    thnx fr droppin by Chintan :)

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