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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What me worry? :)

You know times are bad when non-essential goods cost as much as essential goods.

Yup, petrol costs as much as beer nowadays.

When I first bought my car, I remember the sales guy tell me it can cross 15 km after putting in a ‘fine’ liter of petrol. It’s only later I realized that he actually meant ‘five’ and not ‘fine’. Some other bloke said I’d get very high mileage under “showroom” conditions. I so really want to find where that stupid conditioned “showroom” is cos the only time my car crossed 15 km on a liter of petrol was after pushing it myself for 10. Some other idiot later told me that my car gives me more smiles per liter; well, the only guy smiling has always been the pump owner whom I generously donate a big part of my meager salary every month just to satiate my car’s incurable addiction to petrol.

Sure I down a few glasses of spirit every week. You think I’m alcoholic? Well, you should meet my car – it downs so much spirit every week that if Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Sharaabi’ was remade today, my car could play the leading role with so much conviction that even the film’s then heroine, Jaya Prada, would not be able to tell the difference.

And damn that thing called inflation cos now even petrol prices are going up now (as if price increases of beer was not enough already! L)

So, I’ve been wondering what’s the best way to beat the rising fuel prices.

My first brilliant idea of marrying the local petrol pump owner’s daughter did not prove to be too enterprising mainly cos I ended up snooping around and spying on the wrong house (yes, like my car, my sense of direction also sucks!). Later I realized that it was not the local pump guy’s house but the local police constable’s house that I was snooping on. Also, a pump owner can’t slap people that hard (ouch, it still hurts!) Well, my unreliable set of good friends later gave me a reliable set of bad news that all the owners of all the local petrol pumps, within a 5KM radius of my area, only have sons (damn u, sex ratio skew!)

And the price of petrol keeps rising….

My next idea was to completely say ‘No’ to petrol and use a cycle to go to work- so I bought a high end trekker mountain bicycle to juggle Bangalore’s stagnant city traffic. Moreover, I was proud of me going green. But I guess I achieved a third of the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ phrase a little too effectively. Office folks started gifting me deodorants and perfumes for no reason at all. People started spraying air fresheners wherever I sat. A nose by any other name smelt my cabin just as bad and I became known more for the nose rather than for my nose for details. People used to call me to their haunted houses to drive away the ancient ghosts that incidentally had very weak senses of smell. And for my appraisals, my boss ‘rewarded’ me with a years’ supply of Pears soap and Axe deo, in addition to a lecture on personal hygiene, body odor and other Raj-made natural calamities. Also, I realized that you can’t pick up women with a BSA SLR and that biker babes actually prefer bigger&better bikes. I thus realized that, in the interest of public welfare and hygiene, I seriously needed the petrol car and personal cleanliness back in my life and thus gave up on my bicycle.

And the price of petrol keeps rising….

My next bright idea was something I’m still proud of and I still think has potential. I thought of going up the ‘value chain’. So, instead of tackling issues at a local level, I thought of going to the root of it all– I’ll go to where it all begins – to the petrol-rich Arab sheikhs where the petrol story begins. I’m told that the Sheikhs marry so many women and have so many children that they themselves are confused which is whose(and vice versa). And I also heard from a lot of people that in the Arab states, petrol is cheaper than water. Since I hail from God’s Own Country and water is always in abundance during the monsoons, I could trade petrol for water(sheer brilliance, don’t you think?) And since everyone from Kerala, except my dad and mom, seem to be in ‘the Gelff’, I figured it’d be easy doing business there. But that dream was short lived when the immigration officer looked at my passport photo and asked me, “What are you?” and drove me back home.

And the price of petrol keeps rising….

I then realized that one definitely need a car in today’s times. Sure, hybrid cars are an option but they are still years away from being commercially sold in India. And the only available Indian electric car is hardly a car. And using the bus, car pool, auto etc require a certain level of planning and entails a certain loss of flexibility. You really need a personal means of transportation. It’s only then that my friend said that one really cool way of beating the fuel prices is to change from petrol to diesel. Diesel costs much cheaper than petrol and diesel cars give better economy, have better acceleration and have better resale values. Also, with the improvements in technology, diesel engine cars have become quieter, ensures a more comfortable drive for both the driver and passengers, with lower vibration levels, better fuel consumption and improved responsiveness. They’re less polluting too and it makes a lot of sense for me cos I drive a lot. Stats say that if you drive at least 13,000KM a year, then you should blindly opt for a diesel car.

And Fiat (yup, the same house that brings us the cute Padmini, the sexy Linea and the fiery Ferrari) has come up with an innovative Fiat Upgrade Offer where you can buy any Fiat Linea or Punto car today and you could get lucky with a free upgrade to Fiat Multijet diesel technology – all for the price of a petrol car.

So I figured the best way to beat the rising petrol prices is to forget the pump owners’ daughters, the body odor and the petro-sheikhs and just turn to Fiat diesel.

And the price of petrol keeps rising….

So?... What me worry?


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    Ini chataalum vendilla:P

    Rotfl, 'nose by any other name' was an inspired bit of writing:D

    Voted all over the place, let me know if I can vote more:D

  2. lol! nicely said!

  3. :P Your car is a big sucker for its appetite :P

    I voted :)

  4. I read somewhere that the government intends to hike up diesel prices for cars. I suggest you buy a tempo - it will be roomy enough to fit in at least a dozen chicks and you can also help your Mom with her shopping. What say?

  5. hahaha....the only time my car crossed 15 km on a liter of petrol was after pushing it myself for 10 :)

    An immensely likeable post :)


  6. Hahahahahaaa LOL.
    Loved the post :D
    And getting my blog approved there -__- then will vote :D

  7. Hey Pri, I like shopping too ;).. thnx fr droppin by n fr the vote dear :)

    Thnx Josh... do drop by more often :)

    Hey Serendipity, thnx fr droppin by n fr the vote :)

    gr8 idea, Purba ji.. but tht'll b makin things easy fr my mom :) yup diesel prices r goin up but so is petrol :) thnx fr droppin by, Purbaji:)

    Thnx Kunnu..do drop by more often :)

    Thnx so much fr the support n kind words, Blahblaholic :)

  8. On a Serious note : Dont you have an office bus? Try to use public transport or car pool or shared auto as that may work out cheaper. Your personal car can always be taken out for weekend drive arounds.

    Petrol (and Diesel) prices will only keep shooting up. At one time they said Gaddhafi was hijacking all Libyan refineries and supply was hit. But very soon Libya will open its wells again, but will the prices correspondingly come down? Go figure.. :)

    One of the options (though its a bouncer) is to look for alternative fuel options:
    1. Pray that GE/GM get their fuel-cell technology out faster. Lets totally stop depending on oil.
    2. Buy an Auto and alter its engine to run on Kerosene. That is still subsidized.. :)

  9. Hey V Dada, brilliant suggestions man.. well, I live fairly near to my office and travelling by bus/car pool/auto would take me much longer.. yes, I did buy the cycle to do the same and that's when the body odor issue popped up and I sold the bike recently and use my brother's bike now.. my next line of plan is to try walking for two days a week.. I'm yet to work on it though.. should hopefully start on that soon.

    Thnx fr the superb suggestions man :)

  10. Mister, why you not accepting the award I gave you?? :/

  11. I pray for a lottery jackpot .. and now think why did i have to buy a second car .. no one will buy it bakc now ...

    I plan to bu ya Cycle ... :) it will help me with my stomach too as well the wallet ..

    Petrol is sky rocketing...


  12. Hey Raj! Thanks for taking time to visit my blog too and for your comments.

    So did you sell your bike off inspired by those OLX and QUIKR ads on TV? :)

  13. Hey Divya, I did accept..I hope u understand tht I'm a very Yes man ... I dnt say No to most things :) n especially nt special things like so .. thnx a ton, Spiff.. tryin to figure out hw to put the widget inside (yes, techno agnostic is a silent killer; I'm already infected):)

    Hey Bikramjit, u said it.. hopefully, cycle ridin can becum more mainstrea,. deo notwithstanding :).. thnx fr dropping by :)

    Hey V Dada, its a pleasure dude.. really like the way u think n the way u write man :).. na, me dumped it on my garage guy n bullied him till he gv me a gud deal :)