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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From behind the curtain....

From behind the curtain,

I peered at the familiar faces who faced unfamiliar ground.

It was a beautiful place with beautiful people. Pretty trees adorned the nicely laid sidewalks and many a person spent many a lazy evening just walking down these very fine roads. It was one of the classiest spots in town and it was known for its place, its people and its pace.

But then, it was all going to change. The trees were going to be pulled down, the roads were going to be dug up, and the shops were going to be closed down.

The beautiful people protested, the shops saw red and the residents retaliated.

But changed it all did still.

From behind the curtain,

I saw it all change.

The crowds trickled down, the shops closed down and the trees fell down. The old pace got lost, the old times got lost and alongside, a few lives got lost.

Dust and gloom filled the once happy places, Dirt and darkness covered the once bright spots, Muck and melancholy swamped the once lively streets.

Even the birds chose to chirp someplace else. Even the sun chose to shine someplace else. Even the green chose to grow someplace else.

Almost everything just stopped.

For the while…

But slowly things started shaping up.

From behind the curtain,

I saw it all shaping up.

Distances promised to melt away, the pillars of progress started coming up and the sun seemed to shine again on the residents.

New shops came up in the place of the closed ones, new flowers started to bloom in the place of fallen trees, and new hope blossomed in the place of the old.

The crowds started coming back, the clouds started clearing apart and the easy-going way of life was coming back.

Suddenly it was becoming beautiful again.

From behind the curtain of my home, I looked at the faces of all those people who were once faced with a stumbling block in their lives. But today, they’re all happy that it may very well turn into the blessing that they all need and that it may very well be that what they were all waiting for.

And today, 20-10-20 11 - namma Bengaluru’s namma metro has finally come.

And I smile from behind the curtain of my house.

Along with the road whose name is CMH.

And it’s beautiful people.


CMH road was once the heart of Indiranagar, Bangalore. While Brigade road was known for the style and the young, CMH was known for the class and the sophistication. But it all changed with the metro construction that hijacked the whole lace some four years ago. The people went away as the construction started. When the metro was finally opened last month, the crowds did seem to come back, however never like the glory of the good ‘ol days.

This post was written for my company’s blogging contest, the topic being, to write and create a story starting with the main protagonist looking out from behind the curtain….

This baby got me a prize. J

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  1. Nice post.
    I thought you were talking about communal violence in the first para :-)

    You stamp your mark wherever you go. Don't you?

  2. Very Interesting post Raj!! And you won a prize for this?? I am not surprised yaar!! You made me visualize the event!! :) Aalu kollavallo :P

    - Binu Thomas
    Bloggers Park

  3. Really interesting.........So your winning streak continues:-)

  4. congratulations-it is indeed deserving:-)

  5. Very nicely written. Like how you've incorporated the curtain into the story. I'm new to bangalore, so all I've seen of MG Road and CMH road are the dusty construction sites and now, the Namma Metro. Wish I could have seen what these places used to be like.

  6. Seems like you are stealing a lot of things from me, first my blog title and now CMH road:P..Yes, I have been seeing CMH before Metro construction started years back...I remember the crowd and people back then...a lot has changed now! Old A2B and new (not very ) Macd...congrats btw

  7. It was great stuff. U deserved it!

  8. Great one Raj :) Congrats on your award :) You deserve it thoroughly :) Really touching one :)

  9. From behind a curtain.. of dust.. we see the whole world..

  10. Hey Raj,i liked the way you have written from everything being stopped to everything being restored with beautifulness again!!!!It was a nice read....Worth the prize! Keep going!!!!

  11. narrated it with artistic style.. liked and joined your site too!!!

    www.readitt.in ( the e magazine)

  12. Wonderful post. Could n't make where you were taking it all till the end. And you deserved the prize for this.
    Guess what brought me to this post. I read it all together " fu-ck-lo-ve from behind the curtain". ;)

  13. that was quite an interesting read ! n congrats on the prize . . no doubts as to how much u deserve it :)

  14. Must say a very inspiring interesting and fabulous post. The views are so clear and structured.

  15. very different from you normal writing style and congratulations on winning :)

  16. have visited your blog after long...and am not disappointed at all ! good read !

  17. Nicely written, beautifully framed. Nice read :)


  18. Hey Sai, thnx fr ur kind words man.. n long time, eh? welcum back man :) Thnx dude :)

    Hey da Binu, enthokke undu? :) read ur post on 2 hours n loved ur perspective man.. very, very cool one :) welcum back man n thnx fr ur kind words, Binu :)

  19. Hey Sowmz, hahaha... thngu thngu :)

    Hey Suruchi, thnx fr ur kind wishes n words :)

    Hey Sumitra, u said it... loved CMH before the mtro: now dont think its regained tht old charm but still glad tht the metro is now open... nice to hear a fellow CMH resident concurrin with my views :) do drop by more often, Sumitra :)

  20. Hey GG, hahaha... guess great minds think alike, eh? :) Oh ya, the MacD is our late nite hangout - after a night out, we usually hit this MacD or Mamma Mia fr our late nite shot of ice cream :).. nice to knw we're neighbors :) Thnx fr the kind words GG :)

    Hey Red, welcum back yaar.. hope the gymmin is goin well :) Thnx fr droppin by n fr ur kind words Red :)

  21. Hey Ravi, congrats on hittin 4 in IT man (interestingly, shift+4 is $ on the keyboard - glad u hittin both ;)) :).. thnx fr ur kind words man.. do drop by more often :)

    Hey V Dada, nice perspective man :) yup a lotta dusk n a whole world beyond.. nice one man :)

    Hey Amigo, dost :).. thnx fr droppin by n fr ur kind words.. glad u liked it.. do drop by more often :)

  22. Hey Readitt, thnx fr droppin by, fr ur kind words n fr decidin to join ... humbled :)

    Hahaha ya, tht does happen often :) .. glad u came over n fr ur very kind words.. nice to hv u around Leopaw n welcum to ma blog :)

    Hey Doc, thnx fr ur kind words :) ... glad u liked it ...do drop by more often, Maliny :)

  23. Hey Sushma, glad u liked it :) welcum to ma blog .. do drop by more often Sushma :)

    Hey Josh, wassssabbb!!!??? yup, u noticed! ;) thnx man n thnx fr droppin by man :)

  24. Hey Pooja, yes, loooongg, loonnnggg time, eh? :) Howz been things? Hope all izz well with u:) Glad to hv u back Pooja.. liked ur poem n the new word i learnt - 'poltroon' :) glad u liked it yaar n do drop by more often :)

    Hey Shreya, welcum to ma blog... thnx fr ur kind words, glad u liked it .. do drop by more often :)