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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aakhir dil hai Hindustani

Blog buddies,

Here hoping everyone's had a great start to the New Year..... hope, wish n pray that 2012 brings out the best, prosperous and the happiest side of life to all of us.

I must apologize for being a lil tardy with my replies over the last few weeks. Just got a lil preoccupied with some work n stuff. (standard excuse, rite? )... :)

In that light, please do have a look at a post I had guest blogged at my friend, Tiger's blog last month. Do let us know what u think of it.

And do hit 'Like' at my blog's face book page. (yes, I'm sooo tech stupid that I still haven't figured out how to plug it into my blog :D)

Have a great time, all!!!




  1. As far as I know, only two things preoccupy a man (in today's times) - his works and his women. If Raj is ignoring his blog (which is one of his master works) then its obvious where else he is spending time with.. :)

    To Raj bhai, Chandramukhi ko mera salaam bolo :)

  2. for a bit you sounded like russel peter there :p
    good un. anything Apple sells like hot cakes here though :)

  3. Hey V dada, wow, now thats an analogy!!! :)
    Thnx so much fr the kind words V dada.. n ya, if I ever do find Chandramukhi, I'll surely sent her ur regards.. till then, its all Katrina fr me :D
    thnx bro fr droppin by :)

  4. Hey Jaya.. hahaha, I'm sure Russel peters won't be very pleased with that remark :D
    Oh yes, am quite sure that Apple wud hv a dedicated n phenomenal fan following in Malaysia, just like almost every other place on earth.. in India, its the whole price parity that's not working for it.. the 4S works out to be close to US $1000 here :)
    thnx fr droppin by, Jaya :)

  5. No one can ever be this busy!! NO NO NO!!
    Get back here!

  6. Hey Red.. damn, u gt me! :)
    But really, ws bayangaara busy over the last month with work blah blah etc etc :)
    Thnx fr ur charming, charming way of sayin what u do, Red! :)

  7. Yup Raj.. 2012, so far, has been great!! Celebrated my birthday too, with lots of surprises!! :) Hope you being busy was in the right sense :P

  8. Hey Binu... Belated B'day wishes bro!!! :)
    Great to knw u hd a gr8 bday.. so u a capri then..nice :) Oh yes, NY was great with teen yaar = woh, main aur vodka :)

    Belated BDay wishes Binu.. wishin u the best returns for the day n the year ahead man :)

  9. Will surely check out the post :)
    Take Care :)

  10. nice post on the other blog. always been a lover of costa coffee ;)

  11. Hey PhilO, welcum back :) Long time eh? Sure, hope u do... u tc 2.. :)
    Do drop by more often, PhilO :)

    Hey Josh, ya man..totally! me a Costa convert now :)
    Thnx fr droppin by dude :)