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Friday, January 27, 2012

A peculiar problem in Prithviraj's plate :)

There is a running joke in Kerala that the famous Sardar of the eponymous Sardar jokes is giving away his crown as the South Indian King of PJs to Kerala’s rising butt of all jokes, Tintumon. So at the crowning ceremony, Tintumon proudly took the stage to receive the award and the envelope from the Sardar. And as Tintumon opened the envelope that would adjudge him as the King of Kerala Comedy, his ecstatic, elated and euphoric face turned red with indignation, irritation and raging fury after he read the contents of the envelope.

He then thundered angrily, “Who the F*** is Prithviraj?!!”


Rsising Malayalam Star Prithviraj is pissed that he is unwittingly becoming the star of the many sms jokes that earlier went under the garb of Sir Sardar and Tintumon. In fact, Prithviraj says there is a malicious online body that is dedicated to tarnishing his well cultivated image and “phenomenal” fan following. For the mellus out there, check this one, amongst the many (shame on you if you still haven’t J).

Yup Prithviraj is pissed.

But come to think of it, I personally think he should be proud (seriously!). I mean, its one thing to be a star but it’s totally another thing to be cult – and he is becoming cult by becoming the butt of almost all jokes forwarded in Kerala. I mean, imagine having students, professionals and aam aadmi peoples laughing and forwarding Prithviraj jokes to their friends and families and that is really, really something. And Prithviraj is turning into a different type of celebrity – something that none of the other big stars of Mollywood could ever manage. Sure earlier Sreeshanth, Tharoor and Santhosh Pandit seemed to have gone the same route but eventually lost out somewhere along the line (Respect to the Pandit btw!).

So if you think this post is about Prithviraj, well it’s not. At least, not entirely.

This post is about a good buddy of mine named Chaandy. Chaandy is the guy, who in my mind is the real humor king. I mean, this guy actually takes time off his busy (ya rite! J) schedule to enjoy and crack jokes. Chaandy and I studied together and we keep in touch on and off and the latest is that he’s just became a father last week. Some instances of Chaandy –ism are:

· Chaandy called me up last week and asked me if I had a copy of Rujutta Diwekar’s fitness book. I asked him why the hell did he wake me up in the middle of the friggin’ night for some God damn book and he said, “Da, I’ve just become a father…. ”. My sleepy tone suddenly changed to exhilaration and happiness and congratulated him profusely for the next five minutes of the call. After a while into our conversation about his new found fatherhood, it suddenly occurred to me that he had started the call asking me for a book. I asked him, “Dude, why did you ask me for that book when you had such important news?”

He replied, “Macha, I’m now the father of a girl. I have to now make sure I stay trim and smart and not put on any unnecessary weight.”

I failed to see the connection and asked him in stark puzzlement, “Dude, I don’t see the relation.”

He replied matter-of-factedly, “Arre, ullu ke patte, haven’t you seen ‘Nishabd’?”

· A common friend of Chaandy and mine named Amit got married for a second time. Amit did not call Chaandy for his first marriage, which unfortunately lasted only a few months. For Amit’s second marriage, again he did not call Chaandy. Since I was boasting to Chaandy that I had got invitations to both marriages, Chaandy called up Amit in front of me and jovially said, “Amithey, I heard you’re getting married again. You didn’t call me for the first one and I’m ok with that. Now you didn’t call me for the second one either. It’s still ok. I just wanted to tell that whatever happens, for your third one, I’ll definitely be there for it even if you don’t call me!!”

Amit never talked to us again. Ever.

· This happened in college. The Army was recruiting people from our college and it was mandatory that we apply for it and Chaandy was reluctantly put into the list of applicants. He was having a stress interview with a big mustached Singh, who was some big shot Brigadier who was stationed out in the North East. The Brigadier Singh asked Chaandy a supposedly very difficult question in his booming voice, peppered liberally with Sindhi Hindi. His stress question to Chaandy was “You’re posted in Ladakh and you see three of your fellow mates raping a village belle. If you complain, your whole unit will be court marshaled and you will lose your job and your entire family depends on only your salary; but if you do not complain, you are not a fit human being as you are abetting a heinous crime and one’s morality quotient is of utmost importance in the army. Tell me Mr. Chaandy, what would you do in that situation? ”

Contrary to the Brigadier’s expectation, Chaandy showed no signs of being stressed out – he casually replied, “Sir, three plus one is four”

The Brigadier Singh was confused and enquired in his baritone voice, “Kya bola? Mujhe kuch samajha nahi….”

Chaandy replied with a beaming smile, “Sir, I also rape rape.. wo teen aur ek main; three plus one is four!”………….

People claim that it was the last time the Brigadier Singh ever came to our college.

People who know Chaandy simbly love him for his jokes and people who are the butt of his jokes hate him profusely. But me thinks that Chaandy is just honest – he’s known to call a spade a spade. However, unlike a lot of other such honest Rams who burn fingers with their honesty, Chaandy sugar coats his honesty with outrageous humor, and that is what turns him into the ‘cool doodh’ that he is. Of course, his honesty and his humor have definitely alienated people - many friends have turned haters and vice versa - but he will always be remembered as the guy who said things as they were. And more than anything else, it’s fun to be with him cos there’s never a dull moment when he’s around.

And the coolest part is this - of late, I’ve noticed that due to his irreverent and hilarious jokes, Chaandy is now slowly turning into something cult within our circles. Stories of Chaandy-isms keep flying across and every reunion party is never complete without a mention of new instances of Chaandy-isms– in fact, in our recent reunion, many more zany stories were attributed to him - of course, most of them are totally untrue but nevertheless outrageous, but the point is that he is being talked about even in his absence, thus adding to his burgeoning legend. And in spite of all these stories, there exists an inherent likeness for him.

So here’s my take on this – this may not work for single instances but I think that the more people propagate bad about you, yes, in the initial stages it may be totally unflattering to you but with time, I think it’s what kind of person you are deep down that comes out to the fore front of such news. And after that happens, the more people talk ill about you, it will only fan and spread your internal worth. And I always like to believe that everybody is intrinsically good, in spite of the shades of grey that layer our basic personality.

Examples? Oh yes –

  • People may remember that a few years back, the media had proclaimed that Salman Khan was a terrible human being – he was written off as a drunkard, a murderer, a wayward soul – and the Khan’s then-stance of not talking to the media only made these stories even more damaging. But concurrently, there were a few voices that said that he was a gem of a person, which obviously got lost in the deafening collective clamor of the media. Salman Khan did nothing to shush these stories and lived his life the way he always did then. But with time, his legend only grew. Today, he still chooses to live the same way he always did but today, in spite of black bucks, homicide and harassment, he is known more for ‘being human’, more for helping out friends and also as the most likeable of the Khans. Today if somebody tells you an uncool story ‘bout this Khan, you’ll probably brush it off cos well, u simply like the guy. J

  • Another very recent example is that of the mellu rockstar, Santosh Pandit. His antics are considered buffoonery, his videos met with unprecedented abuses and he is an object of glaring public ridicule. But in spite of all his, today there is a new found accord amongst the junta that seems to like him for being the gutsy, daft yet harmless simpleton who defied and showed Mollywood how to ‘really’ make a profitable movie.

  • I’m not even gonna mention bout the Rajnikanth cos you already know… J

So let’s go back to the Prithviraj issue – let’s face it, in spite of all his high handedness and his attitude issues, people will agree that this bloke’s main issue is that he just says whatever is on his mind. He’s actually a decent chap with his own set of pretentions, who’s still learning the ropes of the industry and has no bloody idea how to handle sudden success– I mean, you don’t bloody equate yourself to the Rajnikanth or the two big Ms of the mellu movie industry just cos u got a few hits in ur kitty. And if you think of it, what’s really compounded Prithviraj’s problem is not his attitude - I mean, SRK’s been saying things on similar lines for years now – but I think that Prithviraj’s real problem is that veteran mallu actor Srinivasan played a role in 'Udayaanu Thaaram' that people draw parallels with Prithvi baby. And that became the start of all of Prithvi’s problems!! J Today, that’s only a glimpse of the army of Prithvirayappan jokes that are circulating the length and breadth of the mallu universe thus making him the mellu Sardar.

And yes, Prithvi is pissed about it. But what he overlooks is the escalating fan following that enjoys and spread these jokes, making Prithvi the sort of viral that seem to be today’s biggest buzzword.

My advice to Prithviraj: “Dude, you’re becoming cult; use it to your advantage and harness the enormous benefits it entails!!!”

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  1. I have a grudging respect for Santhosh Pandit. That man sold his house to make a movie, to follow his passion. At the end of the day, isn't that what we all want to do? Follow our passion? But how many of us will have the guts to sell our house to do that? Not many. His movie may have been bad. But at least he made his dream come true. And I can bet that the dialogues that he's written in the movie, if it had been one of our superstars saying it,there would've been thunderous applause, and they would've become cult dialogues.

    By the way, Chaandy seems like one real item. :p

    And Sallu Bhai ki Jai!! :)

    1. Hey Spiff, yup, the Pandit is a rockstar.. loved the way he pushed himself thru with that unshakable belief in himself in spite of all the adversity against him- the man truly rocks!! Actually thr is this controversy tht the film body Amma has always been maintainin that the least cost fr makin a mallu movie is 75L when our man here hs made a profitable movie with just 5 lakhs.. sure it may hv been a bad movie but it just shows tht makin a great/gud movie fr less thn 10L is a very real possibility. Hopefully, more ppl will venture in this path. Kudos to this man fr showin us its possible. :)

      Yap, Chaandy is a dude! And yes, Sallu bhai ko hamesha Jai!! :)

      Thnx fr droppin by Spiff!! Do drop by more often :)

  2. So you seem to be one who thinks there is no such thing as a bad publicity. Interesting :)

    I used to be the fore bearer of hate campaigns against the Chaandy s around me - partly because I was super sensitive and partly because I could never muster a retort on time. But coming to think of it, yeah, I think they are way more honest than many out there.

    Hmmm...still unacceptable I say. After all it helps to have a little empathy for the Amits of the world! :)

    1. Hey Sinduja, welcome to my blog! Nice to hv u here.. I really hope to see u more often here :)

      Yes, I can understand ur angst against Chaandy :).. in fact, I hd tht same feelin towards him initially - I mean, he just kept making fun of me fr no reason whtsoevr - but after a while, I realized tht he's just built tht way - he makes fun of everything n everybody around him - n ppl who dont hv tht realization continue hating him - but ppl who've made tht realization really value him fr the gud friend tht he actually is - I mean, the guy does hv some gud traits in him n once u figure out a way to deal with his 'humour', its actually real fun being with him :)

      Well, I'm not exactly sayin tht 'there is no such thing as a bad publicity'.. I'm just sayin tht fr a guy like Prithviraj, he can actually make it work fr him - the guy is a good actor, a good bloke n hs gt talent but his high-handedness is costing him - his recent movie 'Indian Rupee' was boycotted by a lotta ppl in spite of being a good movie; sure the movie was a hit but it cudda been bigger - but the bloke keeps complainin of all the 'Prithvirajappan' jokes on the net, when he can really make the net work fr him - consider all the Rajni jokes that ppl keep forwarding which ultimately, is actually adding to Rajni's legend; I hv northie friends who dont even knw Tamil but yet r aware of Rajni jokes n surprise, surprise, they went n saw the tamil Enthiran just to 'check out' Rajni.. so Prithvi, take note! :)

      Thnx fr droppin by Sinduja!! Love discussion point u raised here... Do drop by more often :)

  3. Chaandy reminds me of my friend, Dawood. Sometimes i dont get his jokes but he's funny alright.

    1. Hey Jaya.. haha.. yap, cheers to Dawood n Chandy!! :) Thnx fr droppin by Jaya :)

  4. Is Chandy someone who lives under the skin of the author of this blog itself? He doesn't seem too different from what makes you write such hilarious posts brother!

    BTW, if Prithviyappan happens to read your post, you are going to get it dude. Is there any way to mail this post to him?

    1. V Dada, u far too kind to my posts man :)
      Thnx fr ur kind words n fr droppin by bro :) But it really aint me bro - there actually is a guy I knw who says stuff like so .. I merely report 'em :)

      Haha, I'm quite sure Prithvirayappan way too occupied with far more worse stuff written about him on the net.. but yes, if he does get to know, well, that'll be some story :)

      Thnx fr droppin by, V dada :)

  5. I didn't know there were any Prithivraj jokes. (Now's the time when you claim that I am not a true Malayali)
    But I do have quite a funny Sreeshant joke. In the final of the Cricket World Cup, Dhoni had got 91. Sreeshant's mother: Well, if you gave two more overs to my Gopimon, Dhoni would have got a hundred.

    1. Hahaha!! God one Bhadra!! There's one I loved on Prithviraj - "why is his marriage just like his movies? Cos its seen and participated only by his relatives" :D

      Welcum to my blog Bhadra!! Oh thr r quite a lotta them on the net - just google fr 'em n u'll see y Prithvi is so pissed :)

      Nice to have u around Bhadra.. do drop by more often :)

  6. Though I am not a fan of Prithviraj, today I saw one of his movies (Teja bhai & family).. I have to say, I liked it!! It was more of a situational comedy..

    About Chaandi-isms, I liked his jokes!! People like them makes a friendly circle worth the best phase of one's life - as long as you are not the butt of all jokes :D

    1. Actually I wasn't too aware of Prithviraj till recently I found this whole bunch of Prithvi jokes in my bro's mobile ..since then, I've been following his interviews n movies fr a while.. think the guy hs gt a shot at bigger things but me thinks he still a long way to go.. hvnt seen Teja Bhai but loved tht remix song :)

      Chaandy is a dude man - recently he went by bike thru a toll bridge n the toll guy didnt hv change so he gv back Chaandy Rs. 2 worth of minto. Chaandy said nothin n collected all the mintos over a course of around 2 months n finally went back to the toll bridge by car n tried to pay the entire toll fee of Rs 20 with mintos. The guy said tht it ws not acceptable n Chaandy picked up a big fight n traffic was blocked on tht road n it became a law n order situation. Finally the cops told the toll guy tht he cant giv back mintos if he cant accept them back n asked them to render change. Chaandy roxx! :)

      Thnx fr droppin by Binu.. hope all is well on ur side, macha :)

  7. HAhahaha!!! What a brand new outlook!! Outdone yourself in this one, buddy! Hilarious - but then, whats new, eh??

    1. Hey Nirvana, thnx fr droppin by n fr ur very kind words..long time, eh? :) Congrats on ur story being published in the anthology - "Urban Shots Bright Lights"..really great news!! n hope u hd a fabulous bday celebs too :)

      Do drop by more often Nirvana.. lovely 2 u hv u around :)

  8. Hey Raj,
    Simply hilarious man :) :)Prithviraj i have seen him acting in some tamil films also malayalam.. He is a good actor as far i am considered :) :) he he... also chaandy-ism was fine :) :) Nice writeup bro!!!

    1. Hey Ravi, long time man.. Hope u've been good. Hope all is well on ur side. Nice to see you here man :)

      Thanks for ur kind words Ravi.. yap, I too agree that Prithvi's quite talented and that's whats going for him - he is a good actor n nw he is getting unprecedented publicity (negative though); mind u, none of the other big mellu stars hv it n tht, in my opinion, is his connect with the youth of today - the ones who appreciate good cinema and r the fans of the future - if he can somehow harness this amazing strength he has, wow, I think he has it made! :)

      Thnx fr droppin by Ravi :)

  9. Replies
    1. Hey Joshi, ya man.. Chaandy is King!! :)
      nice to see u here man.. hope allz well on ur side :)

  10. ok i was in splits after the AMIT conversation so i came down to write this line .. ok let me complete the rest of the post now .. :)

    Chaandy's as friends make life interesting I think, although at the moment when fun is going on it might seem otherwise but later when you sit and think about it , it indeed is a fun time ..

    Not sure about the actors you have mentioned never seen them or heard about them .. so yeah all this SMS jokes etc might just make them known .. I might get a joke someday tooo :)


    1. Hey Bikram, nice to see you man.. hope all is well :)

      Glad u liked it :) I agree man - just read ur post bout ur 'moments of madness' n loved u n ur friends' many experiences.. u guys really did hv fun :)

      Aah yes, he's currently an rising actor predominantly focused in South India and due to his attitude problem, there is currently a lot of sms jokes about him that keep circulating all around Keralites. Now, Prithvi is even more mad at these smses n ppl r sending even more smses just to spite him more.. but instead of being pissed, me thinks he cud use tht to his advantage :)

      Do drop by more often man :)

  11. Chandy s gr8. You got me ROFL with chandy-ism. I'd love should meet him.

    Santhosh Pandith: I'm glad I found som1 who thinks like me. The day he first appeared on the media, I was trying to debate with people in his support. despite all his odd mannerism and acts, he has actually opened new possibilities to the so called crisis struck Malayalam industry.

    Prithivi: Just as you said, he needs to go on. strong and serene. I think, he should plan a comedy movie "pritivirayappan" now with him on the lead. I'm sure that will break all his previous theater records..

    1. Hahaha...

      Hey Leo, careful what u wish for - you might actually get it :)

      Ya man.. I really respect the Pandit's unshakable confidence in himself - the man is a legend.. yap, totally agree with u.. he has actually opened new possibilities to the Melly film industry

      haha, tht'll be cool.. wonder if Prithvi cn get himself to do tht with his attitude :)

      Thnx fr droppin by Leo .. lovely to hv u around...do drop by more often :)

  12. Ok the video i must say was fun....though i think prithvi started off well and the effort could be seen now i notice only a dead pan expression on his face or a look at me attitude in his face which are both a turn off....

    your friend is a true rock star....

    great write up.....

    1. Hey Sowmmmyaaazzz, eppidi irrukku? Long time eh? :) Hope all iss well at ur side :) Long time :)

      Oh yas, I loved tht video.. "yevannu numma paranja..." :) ya, I do remember tht phase of his n I hated it as much as I hated his interviews then.. but I think he did a decent job in his latest "Indian Ruppee" n hopefully, he's getting more mature..

      Thnx, am sure Chaandy wud be pleased :)

      Thnx Sowmzz fr droppin by.. nice to see u again! Hope all is well on ur side :)