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Friday, April 22, 2011

Why my blog is so named... :)

What is in a name? Well, I don’t know but I can tell you what’s in a number.

A long time back, someone once told me that my shoe size and my IQ are the same. Since at that time I didn’t know much about the IQ scale, I thought she was complementing me and I graciously replied, “Oh thank you and yes, I do wear a big shoe. Thank u for noticing!!!” J

Later when I became a bit more worldly wise, I unwittingly realized that these two numbers, head and toe apart, does not really amount to a complement when said in the same breath.

Again on numbers, I work in a number crunching job so I have frequent mental battles on a daily basis in converting billions into crores and vice versa. And some times, the results are revolutionary. I’m not alone with this talent- in my office, there’s another dude who holds the unenviable distinction of changing billion dollar companies into million dollar ones and vice versa in his reports (which are coincidently not too well received J). And the outcomes of my mathematical background (or rather, the lack of) are not exactly, very career friendly. And after some career defining moves of such nature, I have come to realize that there is a big deal in numbers – those extra zeros at the end does somehow seem to add up to something.

So back to the main topic - what about a name? Well as we all know, Shakespeare doesn’t seem to have an issue with it – according to his famous ‘Rose’ theory, a dead fish is equally dead in any other language and would smell just as bad.

Of late, a lot of thought, time and, talk have been spent with people asking me why my blog is named so. The good people that they are, they think there is some life altering reason why I named it the way I did. And I so very wish that I had a deep, touching and moving account of why I named it so - the irony of it all is that there really isn’t any- I just named it just like that (think I was even sober at the time, for a change J ).

I have friends refer to my blog as the ‘wo fuck waala blog’, ‘the fuck blog’ (no relations to India’s other literary erotic export) and various other derivations that bring out the versatility of the f-word ( on another note, its sometimes very inspiring to know that the f-word has been used as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, exclamation, as a subject, object… in their humble description of my blog..rather than banning this word in school, I think it should be hailed and celebrated as the most versatile word in the Queen’s language).

Even fellow bloggers have said that there’s something shady about my blog judging the blog by its name. I keep reassuring them that beside the title, the blog is actually rather tame – hell, I even write on social topics J. Some blogger colleagues at office are afraid to open my blog in office in the fear that the obvious profanity in the name may alert my company’s ever vigilant web security patrol.

BlogAdda refuses to call my blog by what it is and refers to it as ‘Flove’. I wrote to them that this amounts to moral policing and is very unbecoming of a site of their repute and requested to leave the censorship to me and humbly asked them to change the name to what it really is. I wrote 11 mails and they still have not replied. It’s been two months (so much for the freedom of expression).

The high point of it all was recently when my dad got a facebook profile. After I unassumingly and proudly accepted his friend request (of course, I privacy protected all my pics :P), he called me up the next day and asked me why the hell did I name a blog like that. He said that we are all respectable people and well regarded in society and a name like this is very cheap and asked me to change it immediately. He also warned me that I will never get a bride because of my blog and ended the argument with “What will your colleagues’ think?”. I think my last thought was “Wow, more traffic”. J

So what is in a name? My take is “Everything”. You can’t put down a name like this and I have noticed that people get amused, slightly shocked, interested and even curious when I tell them the name of my blog. It’s easier to remember than a ‘Raj’s view on life’ or ‘A social experiment called Raj’ or whatever . It is a conversation starter, sometimes a conversation ender and it is backed by some amazingly written blogs (Modesty be damned! J). I remember spending a whole night to perfect my profile write up and I’m glad it came out the way it has. I remember picking and pruning parts of my life to write the Love Story. Rain’ denotes the search in me to find the ‘me’ in life. You go girl’ is my admiration to the women folk, especially of my company. Hazare’ and ‘Daughters’ touched me. And here I attempt to capture the blood, toil, sweat, tears and views of my life, pickled and peppered with cheerful irreverence, with these words of mine. And what do I name thee? fucklove.

And fucklove it is – a blog on ‘life’ and other popular four letter words…..now playing at a website near you J.

I remember someone saying that when tigers die, they leave behind their skins; but when people die, they leave behind their names. Since ‘raj’ is easily the most maligned Indian name on the planet , I need another legacy - who knows, it might just be ‘fucklove’.



  1. Ok, so by the end of your post, i m 60% convinced on your idea of Whats in the Name?

    By, arent you concerned that there is a fear of losing potential readers, who might get turned off just seeing the name?

  2. Hmmm.
    wonder how your father or potential bride would react if you start calling yourself Mr. Fucklove.

    *just asking*

  3. haha! when i opened this blog..the first thing i thought of asking u was 'WHY A NAME LIKE THT'..little did i know that a whole post lay ahead of me with no answer what so ever!
    and the blogadda part was hilarious...but just to console u, I have titled my blog 'embodying emotions'..a pretty profound name rite? and yet blogadda took 2-3months to activate it! phew*
    Although i m sorry i cannt advocate this Shakespearian philosophy coz my name means 'a princess' and i blindly believe it even when i m washing utensils :p


  4. A legacy called Fucklove!! Really?

  5. Het Viyoma, thnx fr droppin by.. nice thought n I agree tht attrition is an accepted issue..but if I cud convince 60%(like u) n if my attrition is less than 60%, thn theoretically the gap shud b positive(wow, my math roXX :)).. dont bother about my sad logic..u do hv a point :)

    Well Amropali, my dad wud probably revoke his facebook friend request n my potential bride mite just find another potential groom..works perfectly fr me :D

    Hey Princess Sarah (isnt this double counting :)), thnks fr sharin my grief.. yup, pretty deep stuff :)..thnx fr goin thru my post :)

    Hey Minakshi, well my other idea fr legacy was my used shoe laces collection..incidently some people tell me this is a better idea :) ...jokes apart, it does hv a ring, dnt u think? thnx fr goin thru my post :)

  6. I swear i read you blog like the day you posted via my phone and commented too but when i click the post comment icon it takes me to some feedjit page.

    There is nothing wrong with your blogname...its distinct and it evolved out of your thoughts. its your own creation and don't you think that what matters.Here is a confession, i bumped into your blog on Indiblogger and actually clicked on the link just because of the name. Now i am not a teenager nor an old lady. I did that because it sounded interesting (not the xxx kind!). Do you really want the old plus 50 people to read your blog because i think only that generation will have some problem with the name. and bout ur bride....LoL you will find someone just like you..maybe with a blog name FUCKMARRIAGE :P!

    About the facebook thing..My relatives have been sending me requests after requests. ALmost everyone, even those i never knew could start a computer. Obviously i have to accept them and then have a hard time controlling my privacy setting. if you don't add its just like "Did you see V*#*A's profile pic? and what about her album...she is sticking to so many boys!"

    You have a good blog sireee!!

  7. Interesting !!

    Hadn't noticed the name of your blog until midway through the post.

  8. That was one hilarious post and I so much like your writing style. And yea, I agree with you...what's in a name when you continue entertaining your readers. :D

  9. Mr Fucklove
    very genuine post..straight from ur heart
    loved the courage
    education doesnt assure maturity though
    about Vyoma's concern related to loosing out on readers- why do u need such pig heads to read ur post who decide to read post not influenced by the post title but the title of ur Blog.

  10. There is nothing in the name.. its what inside that matters. Your blog has pretty good content, so people will whatever be the name. :-) cheers

  11. Hey Red, thnx fr ur views n solidarity :).. Hahaha, u said it :)...thnku Red :D

    Thanx Vyankatesh.. so u're also infected now midway thr the post :)

    Thnx so much Nethra :)

    Hey Nandita, thnx fr ur views...actually Vyoma's thoughts on the fear of losin ur audience is always der in the back of my mind... its a genuine issue.. the power of the word truly amazes :) thnx fr goin thru my post, Nandita :)

    Thnx Harish..u just made my day :)

  12. quite interesting.....and yaa..
    good to see you still not changed your Blog name...but personally i think even your dad is right with his point of views......

    BTW a lengthy one but you maintained the rhythm and i enjoyed the read. very well penned.....

    Bets wishes,

  13. Really nice blog. I think more than the blog name its all about perception which one has with the name. F-U-C-K can be read as "FXXX" or also "Friends U Can Knowledge" as blogging is all abt sharing and writting.

    I think today if our parents (50+) have started using Facebook,Orkuting which once they used to find it a kind of "SIN" have accepted and using I am sure the mindset too will change very fast.. Its all abt time.

    I dont think anyone would have had so much courage to go for such a name.. Hats of for that courage and the post.

    Hopefully people reading this once might feel "YES" he is right..Nothing wrong with the blog name.

    Santosh Sethia

  14. Skins of tigers is decomposed just like their bodies, for that matter everything else after death. Have you ever seen any fossil with skin ?

  15. Thanks Irfan.. I'm just hopin dad doesnt catch me with the blog title again.. but seriously, I cn see dad's line of thinking..n frm his perspective, I guess he is right.. thnx fr droppin by n fr following :)

    Santoshji, WOW....thnx so much fr the support..really made my day..'Friends U cn KW' is really a different perspective 2 the whole word ..I really agree with parents takin new found interest on the net..thnx once again fr da support, Sethiaji:D

    Well Jaidev, after my new diet regime, sum ppl hv told me tht i luk lik a fossil with skin :D...jokes apart, I guess its a figure of speech but yup, u do hv a point thr :)

  16. AHAHAHHAHA. supah interesting. LOL. so thats whats behind the name eh? :) hehe

  17. Umm confession time, it was the name that kept me off your blog. It does sound kind of shady. But once I started reading it, I changed my mind. I guess first impressions are not always right.

    And I liked the flow of this post. Btw what is J? A secret code?

  18. If u gave ur blog such a crazy name for it to receive attention, u did a good job cos the name definitely caught y attention lol. I dnt think i'll be comfy with telling my 5yr old cousin the name of the blog i'm reading though :p
    and yes, there's a whole LOT in a name :)

  19. Hey Sonshu, Yup, tht's whats behind the mask :D ...thnx fr readin thru :)

    Hey Purba, thnx fr droppin by - HAHAHA, shady name...;)...J, btw, is a software maligned version of ':)'

    HAHAHA! Actually I kinda liked the name n hence chose..yes, the attention angle ws der 2..but mostly, I just loved the name ..I totally agree with u kitkat, no to 5 year olds ..thx fr droppin by:)

  20. Hmmm Never judge a blog by its name...

    P.S: I am still not very convinced that the name does not have a story behind it...

  21. Hey Sapna, aap mahaan ho ;)

  22. Hello Raj,

    This is my second visit to your blog. when I first visited your blog i thought your blog talks all about LOVE and thought u r in grief( may be coz of love failure) but today i can guess y u named it so.. ?? I liked your father reaction and coming to the bride part, u should not really think ...but potential reader u should


  23. Actually, I suffer frm love failure almost everyday (my luck wid women never seem to change :() bt everyday is a new day n i keep tellin myself, Lage Raho Rajbhai, lage raho :D

    Thnx fr droppin by Bharathi :)

  24. Hi RAJ, a F-Word creating such a stir in your life :) :) I got attracted by the name and saw your blog :)I saw your blognamein another guest blog. To be frank i expected the love betrayal blogs here :) but it was very different.. Be different and that is what you are!!! Regarding FB, It remains the same and cant be changed so we should be changing :) :) Potential bride thing was hilarious... I admit there is nothing in the blog name.. Fucklove will be Legacy :) :)

  25. What is in a name- here it is! fuck the name and fuck love :D Thanks for answering the unsolicited question and ending the curiosity btw :-)

  26. Hey Ravishankar, thnx fr ur very kind words man.. glad u found it interesting.. do drop by more often man :)

    Hey Droopy Rose, yup u said it :) my pleasure.. do drop by more often Droopy Rose..nice to hv u around :)