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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You go, girl....:)

I complete a year with my company today.

I have worked in a few companies before the present one. Two things I find here are more smiles and more number of women. :) Maybe I’m too young in the organization but I personally think diversity and inclusion are just part of the company DNA. I’ve seen my women friends share outstanding ideas in team meetings, lead initiatives that delight partners, help around with organizing birthday parties and team lunches, be that helpful ear who listen to you when you’re having a bad day and just make the office simply a better place to be.

Of course, the advantages of diversity and inclusion are quite ingrained in our collective consciousness and hence I wouldn't want to spent too much blog space elaborating on them. It is believed that diversity is the melting pot that breeds ideas, innovation and creativity. And inclusion is all about equality, which is the heart of any relationship, whether it’s employer-employee, between friends or between man and woman. I think the essence of these two terms (diversity and inclusion) is one word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And at my company here, I think that there’s a lot of it. I’ve seen guys offer their seats to women (no, they weren’t their bosses :)), I’ve seen people open doors for others, hold the lift just a bit longer so that the other person can get in; there’s a lot of respect here. And there are also company policies on well being and flexi-timings, amongst others, that support the Woman. And maybe that’s why there’s a lot of smiles going around here. I really think that Diversity and Inclusion are woven into the fabric of our company.

I wouldn’t want to get into the ‘this gender is better than the other’ discussion cos I personally believe that men and women simply complete each other. But having said that, I have immense amount of respect and admiration for the Woman.

Because here’s the lady who runs a home, makes sure the kids are tucked in bed, the dog is fed and still manages to make it on time for that late night call with the partner.

There was a mail yesterday saying that “Let’s Do Amazing” is our new corporate tagline. Here’s saluting the mother, the sister, the friend, the significant other, the One who is always, always ‘doing the Amazing’.

In Office and Outside.

Belated though it may be, Happy Woman’s Day, Lady! You Deserve it.

This blog won the pan India company level blogging competition themed around 'International Women's Day'

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