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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Most beautiful.

Today is Sapna’s birthday.
She won’t tell her age cos she thinks she’s too old. And Sapna does not have bright blue eyes, or an aquiline nose or a symmetric face.

But she may be the most beautiful person I know.

When she smiles, it’s because she likes to. She’s the one who’d share her last piece of the cake with her children. She’s the one who’d make short snacks for her hubby when he has a long day. She’s the one who’d diligently wakes up at 12 in the night to be the first person to wish her girlfriends a happy birthday.

Every month of March when salary is short, she secretly borrows money to send her retired parents to holiday so that they can celebrate their anniversary. She remains broke for the next few months and we friends willingly oblige her for this noble quirk of hers. This year, her parents said that it was the best anniversary ever and the photos showed them in the happiest of cheer and joy in Malaysia. Sapna is still broke but definitely richer at heart. And she’s been smiling ever since.

She is caring.

Sapna tries to buy more black clothes cos she’s told it helps one look thinner; but she never takes it too seriously and cheerfully ends up buying clothes in her favorite bright colors. She’s not size zero. And nor does she diet anexorically.

Yet she could be the most beautiful person I know.

She helps others because she wants to. She’s the one who bought her younger brother a whole new wardrobe when he got his first job (and he couldn’t afford one then  J ). She the one who helps her cousins with Math tuitions and with exam counseling (the first cousin Nidhi couldn’t have topped Math in school without Sapna’s help J). And Sapna’s the one who looks for excuses and occasions to buy more gifts for her near, dear and loved ones.

When grandpa was ill, she sat by his side with grandma all throughout the three long months. When he left, some say he left behind a content life and that he left happy. Later, Sapna smiled more often cos she knew she was there for him and that he left in peace.

She is compassionate.

Sapna hides her company access card cos she thinks it doesn’t carry her best pic. She doesn’t have Cindy Crawford hair or Angelina’s pout.

And she may be the most beautiful person I know.

She’ll stand for you if she thinks it is right. She’s the one who’d go out of her way to make sure everything is fine with her maid if the latter doesn’t show up for work one day. She’s the one who makes donations at charity houses consistently and discretely. She’s the one who’d volunteer to ‘go green’ and actually mean it.

At work, she was awarded last year for coming up with an initiative for new employees to find their way in the new office and in the new city. Her company said it helped new employees from other states to find their way easier in office and outside. They said it supported, familiarized and helped newcomers to get adjusted to the new life. Today, the HR considers her effort as a landmark achievement as it helped bring attrition down. But Sapna did not do it for the awards – she remembered how hard it was for her when she joined a new company in a new city. She felt she needed to do something for her new colleagues and just wanted to help them out; so she just collated her experiences, exposures, expenses and contacts. She’s just glad that it helped.

She is considerate.

And she is beautiful. She still has the pretty features which her hubby fell for, years before they got married. She does make heads turn, every now and then, when she goes for her shopping sessions. She tries to work out and eat healthy but also treats the family and friends to ice cream every once in a while. In a world obsessed with ‘smaller, thinner and fairer’, she believes and teaches her kids that the real beauty in all of us is ourselves. She believes the best make up is her belief in herself, her family and in God. She doesn’t believe in getting sucked, tucked and plucked and wants to age gracefully with her hubby but nevertheless uses beauty products to help her 'put her best face forward'. She is a doting mother, a darling daughter, a superb sister, a caring wife, a great friend, a trusted colleague and she juggles all these roles in a way only she can.

To the world of her loved ones, she the center of their universe.

For me, Sapna is caring, kind, compassionate and considerate. And she smiles a lot and is all heart. And Sapna is every woman. For me, Sapna is hence beautiful.

Today is Sapna’s birthday. And I woke up at 12 to wish her. I find it very difficult to wake up at midnight and I won’t do that for anyone.

Except Sapna.

Because she is be the most beautiful person I know.


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  1. thats so nice..through Sapna you have portrayed all the beautiful roles a woman has in her life!!! she is beautiful!! thats the real beauty of a woman when she fulfills all her duties beautifully!! Salute to the real beauty of a woman!!

  2. Awwwww Sapna is a lucky lucky girl!!

  3. Hey Cindrella, thnx fr ur comments..exactly..Salute to the woman n the women in our lives :) Thnx fr droppin by :)

    Thanx Saro...actually I comsider myself lucky to hv known her. thnx fr droppin by :)

  4. Good one bro! Amazingly narrated :)

  5. Thanks Amar...really appreciate..thnx fr droppin by :)

  6. I loved this post. Promoting it

  7. i know a Sapna.. who is just like that!! same-to-same! :) and she's in HR and she takes a lot of initiatives! well.. love thy post mr. R-A-J. and hence.... promoting it!

    p.s: happy birthday sapna!

  8. Thanx Princess...:)

    Thnx Ritu... gr8 2 knw u liked it :)

    Hey Deeps, who knows, we cud b talkin bout the same Sapna :)..thnx fr droppin by, Deeps..n thnx fr the nice words :)

  9. Awww... every woman would have a smile stuck to her face after reading this.

  10. Hey Anjaani, thnx :)

    Thanks Dimitri..thanks fr the kind, kind words :)

  11. beautiful post! it got my vote! :)

  12. Thanks Prerna..really appreciate it...thnx fr droppin by :)

  13. Wonderful tribute to the caring, considerate, compassionate woman:)

  14. Thanks Sanjeev..thanx fr droppin by :)

  15. Yes, Sapna is beautiful! Amazing post, Liked it :)

  16. Thanks Arti..thnx fr droppin by :)

  17. that was beautiful...

    Some people not just women are special..and beautiful..not just because of the looks but just because they are beautiful people.

    nd she is a married women...this Sapna.. :P


    Great post!

  18. Thnx Red..glad 2 hv u back again:D

  19. Buck up with Bacardi, gr8 post dedicated to your wife, remember there is a women behind every successful man

  20. Hey Umesh, me still unmarried (at least 2 the best of my knowledge :P) :D

    Ya, I heard another one sayin the behind every successful man, ther is a seriously shocked woman :D

    Thnx fr droppin by, Umesh :)

  21. H-e-y Raj!! Such a lovely post.. super like..Sapna is a lucky woman and a blessed wife..
    Belated Happy Birthday Sapna.. :)

  22. Hey Bharati, thnx fr comin back n fr ur kind words :)

  23. Another beautiful post and my belated birthday wishes to Sapna :)

    Loved this line, "To the world of her loved ones, she the center of their universe."

  24. This post brings me all the rethinking that i need to do on the role of a woman..you did cover on myriad topics.. haha till the end i kept thinking sapna may be your friend and lo! amazing conclusion! keep blogging

  25. Thnk u Indian Home maker ...glad u liked it :)

    Thnx Kiran..glad u liked it..:)

    thnx both fr droppin by :)

  26. lovely post. didn't know you were talking of 'every woman' and had no idea this was for a contest either. the flow was great.

    you tend to have a chorus line, don't you? a line you repeat throughout the post to drive home the essence of the post/observed this in couple of other posts too

  27. Aah Sujatha, u nw knw my secret!! ;) Glad u liked it Sujatha :) Ya, I think I did use this method in quite a few of my posts.. nice tht u sharply picked it up :)

  28. Women..Indeed are beautiful...caring, considerate, compassionate..wow, I feel so proud to be one :)

  29. I so agree GG.. glad u dropped by.. thnx fr comin by .. do drop by more often GG :)

  30. Needless to say superb post.... it is very true a woman's beauty lies deep inside her external features and it feels good when someone likes you for that rather than your looks!

  31. Sapna could be me and other women whom I know minus some of the brilliant attributes you have mentioned.

    All the best.

    Joy always,

  32. Sapna is beautiful and your eyes that see !
    Love the post :)