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Sunday, May 22, 2011

She thinks, he thinks...

She thinks she’s fat.

He loves to hold her tight in the nights.

She thinks she’s got crowfeet near her eyes.

He loves the way her eyes shine when she smiles.

She thinks he looks at other women in front of her cos he’s not comfortable with her.

He looks at other women in front of her cos he’s most comfortable with her and her only, more than even his guy friends.

She wants to come home early to hit the treadmill.

He loves coming home early so that he can be with her.

She thinks she’s getting old and unattractive.

He loves to grow old with her.

She thinks…..

He loves…..

Because she is she.

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  1. Thanks Harish ..thnx fr droppin by :)

  2. Haha..This is really different and innovative one but cute at the same time! nice post! :)

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  3. Thanks Blogman :)

    Thnx Amar..did n voted :)

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  4. Nice post..simple and sweet..

  5. Amazingly true!!! nd loved the last line....because she is she

    Keep writing...TC

  6. u know you should stop writing this way... i mean about love and all. Makes people like me saw AWWWWWWW and i hate to say that. Also you make us teary eyed because its just beautiful.

    How i hate you!

  7. WoW!!! U just made my day, Red!! :D

    thnx fr droppin by... thnx a million !!! :)

    (grinning obscenely :))

  8. Very nice. We are so used to hearing, "She feels" and "He Thinks", loved this take.

  9. Ha...Thnx fr droppin by Popsie :)