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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor The Movie - Review

Wait till after the movie closing credits finish – that’s the coolest thing about Thor!!!

The biggest thing that everybody misses in Thor is the ending – and by ending, I mean after all the closing credits are rolled out. Remember to stay EVEN after the credits are done. Trust me, that’s what everybody misses!!! And that adds an element of intrigue, “WOW” and a sense of still more to come to the movie.

This is not the first time a Marvel Comics movie had a similarly unexpected ending. I simply loved Iron Man. Tony Stark defied the superhero stereotype by being a womanizing, arrogant and wealthy prick, who lived life king size. And what made the whole movie work is the choice of the charming Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. Unlike other superhero movies like Spiderman and Batman where we always used to wait for the scenes where the superhero showed up, in Iron Man, I was just waiting for more scenes with Tony Stark. But one of the coolest Tony Stark scenes is actually not in Iron Man – it’s in the ending of another movie, the Hulk.

Marvel Comics has been shuffling superhero presences across their various offerings. Not many people noticed, but after the closing credits of Iron Man 2, the movie actually ends with a scene where the SHIELD agent, Agent Coulson, calls up his boss and says, “Sir, We found it ” and then the movie ends with an image of Thor’s hammer!!! (sure, go ahead n check it out here J).

The news is that Marvel has one more movie coming out in July this year in Captain America, after which you’ll see all the four, i.e, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America coming together next year in The Avengers. Thor is an extension of Marvel’s strategy to build superhero property out of its comics and monetize them.

Thor is the story of a warrior god, who is arrogant and too ballsy for his own good, who gets tamed to then become the King. Interspersed in this story is a hint of love (with Oscar winner Natalie Portman), sibling rivalry between Thor and his god brother Loki, his rocky relation with his father (Antony Hopkins) and all this with some great special effects.

An interesting thing about Thor is that even the Gods above agree that life on Earth is hell – so the God King, Thor’s father, sends his son god to exile as punishment - to Earth! Thor’s scenes on earth where he interacts with humans do provide some comic moments.

It’s a good movie nevertheless. The way the Heavens have been created with the visuals and costumes is very commendable. The story, even though kinda corny, has been adapted very well to screen. Chris Hemsworth is just right as Thor – the dude has got a body to kill for and in the scene where he tries to lift the hammer from the mud, he looks almost believable as a god. The Oscar winners did a decent job with their parts with Antony Hopkins having more meat to his role. See the ending after credits to know which character really scores.

But at the end of the day, Thor is just too goody goody a movie – it’s just another regular good movie. Even the finale fights were found wanting. Bottom line is: It’s a good movie but it doesn’t have the uber coolness of Iron Man or the depth of The Dark Knight.

But great fare for the summer. So just get the pop corn, colas and sit back to enjoy!!!

And don’t forget to stay after the credits!!



  1. *Rushes for the movie*
    p.s.- great review.

  2. Hmm that's one movie I won't watch :)

  3. I agree it fails to bring in the spark of any oder superhero movie... Neither he is flirtatious lyk de Iron Man nor he is serious lyk Bat man.
    but still i'll agree wid Raj... its a good one tym watch

  4. Hi Purba, actually its not tht bad a movie.. but thn again, 2 each his own rite?..thnx fr goi thru my post:)

    Exactly Anshita...dsnt really hv the spark.. the others were really, really cool..thnx fr droppin by :)

  5. I want to watch this one. Till that time, I will reserve my opinion :).

  6. Right on Rachna... the summer's just started n we hv a lot many cool movies 2 cum...thnx fr droppin by :)

  7. Right on, Rachna... the summer's just started n we gt loads of movies cumin up this summer.. Kungfu Panda2, Transformers, Pirates 5, Cars 2.....the list is awesum!!!

    Thnx fr goin thru my post Rachna!!!