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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Change - Yours is Here

Sneha Sharma was never considered an achiever.

She graduated with us in 2005 and she got into one of those obscure IT companies and later relocated to US. But nobody knew, nobody cared. After graduation, everybody kept in touch with each other via the Alumni groups. What initially started as active conversation later turned into random forwards, job mails and finally trickled down to just the odd birthday and anniversary wishes. Sneha also posted – but again, nobody knew, nobody cared. In the latter half of 2007, Sneha posted a Happy Birthday message to the Alumni groups. Just like she had countless times before. Just like everybody else.

But this particular time, everybody knew and everybody cared.

And suddenly, after that one post, Sneha Sharma turned into an overnight celebrity. Suddenly she was the toast of the batch. Suddenly there was an immediate buzz enquiring what, where and how about Sneha Sharma. Suddenly everybody wanted to know more about Sneha. Suddenly everybody agreed that Sneha Sharma had finally arrived.

One message had catapulted Sneha Sharma into cult status.

So what did she write on that fateful day? Well, actually nothing. Or rather, nothing significant. But her post to the alumni group had a small nondescript device-generated statement just below her message and it was this statement made her the darling of the batch.

That statement read, “sent from my iPhone”.

In 2007, the world was enamored by the phenomenon that was the iPhone. In 2007, the iPhone changed the way people used, touched and saw phones. And in 2007, Sneha Sharma was the first person from our batch to own an iPhone.

And the iPhone gave Sneha Sharma a personality that she hitherto lacked.

Technology does that. You are known by the company you keep, but you are also judged by the gadget you flaunt. In fact, a recent nielsen research report claims to be able to decipher one’s personality from one’s cell phone. Try deciphering your own personality the list below:

  • If you own a simple bar phone: You are a person pursuing a simple lifestyle in our modern intricate life- generally represents a person afraid of trouble, with an open mind, is a balance seeker and is health conscious.

  • If you have a Slide phone and slip phone: You try to pursue a sophisticated lifestyle and are more willing to enjoy life. You are always driven by success and is a harmony seeker.

  • Rotatable phone: Not really big in India yet but research says these owners are usually under 24 years old, fashion conscious, fun seekers, and individualistic. They would like to attempt new things and lead the trendy. They are usually young women who seek enjoyment, are career focused, and success driven.

It also goes by brands:

  • If you own a Nokia: You’re Family Minded, Balance seekers and Health conscious middle level managers (notice the link with bar phones J)

  • If you own a Motorola: You’re under 24, fashion conscious, fun seeking and highly Individualistic.

  • If you own a Sony Ericsson: You’re a young guy, ambitious, individualistic and success driven professional.

  • If you own a Samsung: You’re a young career focused lady, success driven but also a fun seeker.

  • If you own an LG: You’re a Stay at Home Parent, you are your mom’s favorite, you are success driven but also harmony seeker.

I use a Sony Ericsson slide phone and my personality type does seem to concur broadly to the above.(Actually I’m flattered that the research says I follow a sophisticated and success driven lifestyle – only I know the real truth ;) ). But my phone means a lot more to me – it’s the first phone which I bought with my own money. Since I was always into music and Bangalore FM was a constant in my life then, this phone gave me uninterrupted and really loud supply of nonstop music (God save the neighbors!). Also, the black color gave it a sleek and sexy look. It’s lasted me more than my girlfriends have (and survived them better than I did J). For me, my Sony has always been stylish, multi faceted and ‘with it’ - traits which I myself would like to be known by. J

But is it possible to change one’s personality with the help of gadgets? Sure it is. And I’m sure almost everyone is aware of it too. Just like the Indian sari makes every lady look good, a good gadget can up everybody’s personality quotient. I remember this time when we saw this shabby guy sitting at Coffee Day and we wondered how they let him in. But when he took out his Apple MacBook Air, suddenly the same shabbiness looked immediately cool. A simple gadget changed the hitherto shabby guy into a really cool dude!!

Similarly, you can change your personality type simultaneously with choice of gadget - my dad was recently gifted an iPhone and he also uses his trusted Nokia 1100. Whenever he goes to the market to buy vegetables, my tech agnostic mom reminds dad to take the Nokia 1100 because vegetable prices have a peculiar habit of shooting up in the vicinity of an iPhone J. Similarly, whenever dad and mom comes with me for the many arranged-marriage-girl-meetings, mom reminds dad to carry the iPhone and to display it amply at the venue with practiced nonchalance to diligently look at those pesky sms-es whish are otherwise always ignored J.

Today, the hippest trend in style is accessorizing – you can accessorize your personality with multiple watches, multiple glass frames, ties, shoes, pens and now with gadgets. They can be used to suit your wardrobe and your personality. This post is written for the Dell ‘Change is Easy’ contest for the Dell Inspiron laptop and it’s claimed that this laptop can change its personality with multiple interchangeable covers, something akin to changing one’s personality by changing one’s gadgets. So if you feel today is a corporate blue day, you can accessorize your Inspiron laptop with a shade of blue to give you the corporate look; if it’s a weekend and you want to let your hair down, your laptop can sport your ‘TGIF’ style with an appropriate cover.

They say that the only thing permanent in life is change. And change we must – it’s a given. But is it easy to change? Well like the Dell Inspiron, it may just be easy to change one’s personality by simply changing one’s gadgets.

And a gadget could give you that razor sharp personality that you always craved for.

Just like the rockstar of our batch, Sneha Sharma.


This one's for Dell. For showing that Change is Easy. Just like their Dell Inspiron laptop, which helps you get the look that you need and the performance you want, as can be seen here.

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  1. Nice post. You have got a good way of writing. If not for the fu-ck-lo-ve in your title, many conservative bloggers would surely follow you.
    (Admit it, it was not your best decision. Was it? :))

  2. I loved the way you brought the message across... Gadgets surely represent you but dont own ypu. Its boosts you in a way nothing cud sometimes.

  3. Hey Sai, thnx man.. ya, but considering my life has been a series of bad decisions, this one just fits in nicely with all of the rest :)

    Thanks Red... oh, I totally agree.. I wanna buy a iPad2 purely fr the snob value :D

  4. I don't agree completely with the report, but I have noticed most people at work in US go for an iPhone. The most common phones there are Motorola. And in India, the most popular are Nokia, with the Blackberry being the latest fad.

  5. RAJ, very well illustrated. Nothing could have been better said.

  6. Hey Kahlua, u know, even I've seen all my friends who go to the US come back with an iPhone.. Nokia in India is losing it yaar.. it's Samsung that's now ruling the roost.. my next phone hopefully shud b the Galaxy S2 ..thnx fr droppin by Kahlua:)

    Thanks Pramodji for ur kind comments :)

  7. Interesting.. for 3 years I own Nokia 1650 and few months back I switch to samsung only 'coz the damned me lost it. Nice read :)

    Weakest LINK

  8. What a refreshingly honest read! I am an ardent stickler of "in" things in life. I started my journey with Nokia as it was so "in" during my college days, I then switched to iPhone to make flashy statements and my clients believed in my hourly billing (am an attorney). After 4 long years I switched my loyalty to Samsung Captivate as my geek IT Hubz brainwashed me into android technology. Though at time I miss my iPhone. I think the coolest invention is the iPad and I love hanging out with it. Your Blog rocks! A HI-FIVE!

  9. Raj it is seriously true, sometimes as a status Quo we get into complicated gadgets thought we r not comfortable.. anyways great narration.. you have a unique style and awesome writing skills..

  10. Do gadgets really define us? Now that you are bride hunting - will your decision be influenced by the brand she owns?

  11. awesome post man.. really interesting..

  12. Hey Rachit..damn :) I know how bad it is to lose a phone...crazy man.. hope u happy wid ur new phone.. thnx fr droppin by, Rachit :)

    Thanks Annu..glad u liked it.. oh, the iPad is a dream :) ..wish someone gv me one :)...do drop by more often, Annu :)

    You're right Bharathi.. I still dont know how to operate my TV remote..its gt far too many buttons fr my liking ..hey nice to hv u back... welcum back Bharathi:D

    Purba-ji, that will be a predicament...if my bride to be also plays the iPhone- Nokia1100 game with me.. very interesting perspective Purbaji.. thnx fr droppin by :)

    Welcum Shashi...hey thnx Doc..glad u liked it :)

  13. LOL. I had an awesome read! Great stuff man. \m/

  14. oh!... good research work!..... came to ur blog second time. i just love the way u write with minute details which we often ignore. good luck!

  15. Thanks Pranay.. glad u liked it man..do drop by more often \m/ :)

    Hey Bandana, thnx a lot fr ur kind words .. thnx fr droppin by :)

  16. hmmm... I did not know about the research; glad that you researched for the same to present here. And yes, loved reading it :)

  17. Hey Gaurav, thnx for going thru n glad that u liked it :)

  18. Nice post dear.
    The thing is sometimes we have gadgets and we don't have time for them.
    I too have a Galaxy S2. It's too good.
    I too hav a BB. Wat the research says about it?

  19. Hey Priya, wow u hv an S2, now I'm jealous :)

    Well you dont need research - people with both an S2 and a BB are just filthy rich :)

    Thnx fr droppin by Priya n its awesum u hv my dream phone , the S2 :)

  20. Simply loved the narration! your words embody awesome flow! and this post was quite informative too... keep writing...
    All the best! :)

  21. Thanks Anukriti fr the kind words.. the same to u too Anu :)

  22. Nice concoction..I so want Iphone 4..:P

  23. Hey Nirvaan, I so want two.. one in black n another in white :D

    thnx fr droppin by man :)

  24. Nice interesting post Raj :)
    I lost my E71 sometime back, okay, I ain't no flaunting the same and It's samsung now. ;)
    Tell me honestly, is it like, when you lose your phone, all you need to do is switch to samsung! :D :D

  25. This is AMAZING, man!
    Being an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S, I could really relate to this post. :P
    Gadgets do bring an air of superiority to the person wielding it!

    Please promote my post on IndiVine! It can be found here- http://goo.gl/4Ik3e

  26. Hahaha Risha... gud question.. u shud b tellin me tht one :).. do drop by more often Risha :)

    Lucky U, if u already own one, why need another :) did :)

  27. bwahahahaha :D though am not an apple fan but wth, when someone's status says 'sent from iphone' lol people go crazy :) i am happy person with android :P

  28. Hey Chintan, welcum 2 ma blog..yup, the iPhone is a revolution.. glad tht u an android lady :)
    do drop by more often :)

  29. Just came across you blog..loved reading it..betwn I am Samsung one :D

  30. Thnx Richa n welcum to my blog.. glad u enjoyed it.. do drop by more often, fun seeking career lady :)

  31. Very cool blog! Enjoyed your evaluations and i totally can relate to all of it :)

    Loved the shabby to chic transformation due to the mac book air! Awesome post!

  32. Thnx iplgeek fr droppin by n fr ur very kind words :)
    Do drop by more often man :)

  33. Ha ha....enjoyed reading the phone and corresponding personalities of the owner..
    Nice views R-A-J..

  34. Superb post - my personality matches to the T with the description you gave based on my handset preferences. :)

    All the best for the contest!