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Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Stand up for Soumya.

Don’t stand up for Soumya , just the way the law didn’t.
The opposing lawyers said there were no eye witnesses to what happened that night and they are trying to prove that she was mentally unstable.

Don’t stand up for Soumya , just the way the government didn’t.
The officials made the right noises and sounds initially but once the government changed in Kerala, they forgot Soumya and did not appoint a lawyer for her and have instead have started thinking about which juicy ministerial berth to focus on.

Don’t stand up for Soumya , just the way her fate didn’t.
After her father passed away 5 years ago, her mother gave up her job as a domestic helper due to sickness, and the brother being a driver, Soumya had to abandon her course in Hotel Management to take up a job as a sales girl in a mall in Kochi to become the sole bread winner of the family. She was heading home that dreadful Tuesday evening for considering her marriage proposal when the incident happened.

Don’t stand up for Soumya, just the way everyone else didn’t.
She was attacked, molested and raped by a handicapped man in the women’s compartment and her family cannot afford to fight the case. He walked into the empty ladies compartment, tried to rob Soumya, pushed her out of the running train when she fought back, smashed her head and then brutally raped her. Later he then pleaded that he was handicapped to gain sympathy. He has his lawyers and she’ll most probably end up as another news headline soon forgotten.

Don’t stand up for Soumya cos she’ll never stand ever again.
Because Soumya succumbed to her injuries and died unjust, unhappy and ruined.

Don’t stand up for Soumya.
But stand up for all the other women in your life, who could become Soumya.

23 year old Soumya was the soul bread winner of her family. She worked in Kochi, Kerala as a sales girl in a mall but she always wished and wanted to be a bank employee one day. Her abject poverty did not curb her dreams, aspirations and hopes but something else did - all her’s and all her family’s dreams came crashing down on the night of 6th Feb. Soumya had taken the train for home to Thrissur for her marriage proposal and the hopeful lady boarded the ladies’ compartment. A handicapped man boarded the empty compartment, tried to rob her, pushed her off the running train and brutally raped her.

The government started the blame game blaming the opposition, the railways, the left, the right, the center. Since governments changed, they now lost interest in it.

This post is written as an attempt to make aware, awaken and alert others of this gross injustice that can happen to any lady.

Soumya died a few days later due to her injuries.

She could never be a bank employee.

More info here.
Youtube video here.


  1. Its a sad condition but sadly it too got covered by dust.
    Lawmen, Government everything which the public depends on for justice and equality and equal stand and treatment are pushed down and subjugated.

  2. It's frightening, the kind of indifference that people have in them towards such issues. We all sit back thinking "Such kind of things happen only to others." Pretty soon, we will be the 'others' for someone else... Something has to be done...

  3. Man, this is outrageous. Let me join the band, write about it on my blog as well. Lets inspire others to write about it. Lets create a movement.

  4. Raj,

    Your stabbing sarcasm is so appropriate. Me too have written a post to express my protest. But what protest, I think. The feeling that you cannot do anything for Saumya or for many more Saumyas Kerala is going to see is suffocating.

    Or can we do something.

    Hemal, truly can we do something?. That will be great. In my post I have given links to some blog posts and protest movement.

    To see my post click here

  5. U're right, Red..extremely sad and deplorable.

  6. Ya, Spaceman Spiff..very, very scary..I hope n pray tht nothing such happens to the people I know while I hope n pray something gets done so tht this never happens again...

  7. Hemal and MKeralam,

    Lets do that.... I think there is latent support for this cause but I think the challenge is to channelize this support..if we can start a focussed movement for this cause on IB/Blogadda/etc, I think people power can prevail in some manner.. u cn gt in touch wid me via fb or email...posting this on ur blogs too..

  8. Raj,

    I agree and appreciate for what u hv said "Don’t stand up for Soumya.But stand up for all the other women in your life, who could become Soumya".Yes you are absolutely true.. its not sowmya and not kerala alone facing this kind of incidents, there are many and the families are losing their hope in this Government & law and helplessly just moving on with life.. The movement should start smwhr...I believe it should start from self...
    Involvement of men in fighting against this kind of women issues adds value and is highly appreciated. thanks for posting

    I am going to blog about this.

  9. I so agree wid u Bharathi...

  10. That was a heartfelt plea for joining the issue. Unfortunately, many Soumya stories like this go unreported.

  11. I know Cyber Nag...its unfortunate but true

  12. I can't express the feeling about the incident. But only govindachamy is not the culprit, the lawyers too. s..........h..............o...........o......t...!!!

  13. I totally agree with u Naimishika..

  14. Great post. There was much hue and cry over the issue when it happened. and media had a nice time celebrating it as well. and now, where is the follow up story? from a news item in the front page, it has moved to a one column filler inside. everyone seemed to have lost interest. This post was truly inspiring. Thank you for reminding us to wake up and act.

  15. You're right Anju.. the news just got lost somewhere... Sad...

    Thanks for droppin by, Anju.

  16. everyone seems to have forgotten soumya..this s what i had written about it...


    i think those who molest women shud be castrated first,and then let free

  17. i dont know what to say
    when i saw the man's face in the video felt he should be chopped to pieces for what he has done

  18. Justice served.

  19. Hey Sujatha, I can feel ur rage.. it ws soo unfortunate tht it happened n the way it went on.

    Hey Sai, ya man, finally some sort of an end has come but still thinkin of wht's going on in the minds of the family.