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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What is the real Ugly? ;)

A great philosopher once said, “Life badi kutti cheez hai”… since I’m not wise enough to say such profound statements, I just end up agreeing to such universal truths.

I don’t know if it’s just me but do you get the feeling that there’s a little too much of beauty all around you here (this very blog holds three instances J); so I realized that since everybody is busy thinking of the beautiful (n since I’m done with my tribute to beauty J), lemme come up with the real ugly in life. So, here’s my list of the plain harami things in my life:

  • I hate the fact that whenever I go to the mall, I see absolute gorgeous angels (the super bombastic dynamite hot babe-licious type of women) hanging out with absolute creeps. I keep asking God, “What has he got that I don’t?” (Convinced by that stupid old ad, I even bought a year’s supply of Frenchie’s – my unfortunate revelation is that contrary to what that stupid ad says, Frenchies does not help at all in this dept – or maybe I haven’t got lucky enough to find out. So now I’m stuck with a whole cupboard full of undies in the weirdest of vibrant colors L). As the angel of this girl sits behind him and holds him tightly from behind on his shiny black Harley Davidson (rascal!), I hate the fact that the only person who has smugly sat behind me on my almost-in-ruin 10 year old Yamaha is the garage mechanic’s helper boy, Chinna. Life saali kutti cheez hai.

  • I hate the fact that my best friend is today in a better job and has a higher pay than me. Sure, old Hindi movies have said that you should be happy for your friend’s success. Crap! I’m not!! I so wish he was as underpaid and miserable as I am. Hell, even that other worthless guy I so hated so much in college is better settled in life!! L

  • I so hate the fact that my ex is today madly in love with this guy who is so much better than me - he’s rich, more educated and has got better teeth (creep!). And even though I tell her that I’ve got women swooning all around me; she, me and the rest of the world knows that the only thing swooning around me are these damn, wretched mosquitoes.

  • I hate the fact that my financial status hasn’t really changed much in the last 10 years. They say that the only thing permanent in life is change and maybe that’s why I have a lot of it – I always seem to have had a lotta 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins jingling in my pockets for the most part of the last 10 years. And my zero balance bank account has always remained true to its name L.

I’m sure I can think of so many more instances when I try to convince the world that the damn glass is really half empty. When some wise guy tells me that ”Mere Paas Gadi Hai, Bangla hai…..bol, tere paas kya hai?”I humbly reply the same thing I said about my IIT exam question paper experience - “Maybe the question is wrong”.

So for all the beauty out there, here is the party pooper.

Yours truly.


I wanted to submit this for the contest too but the contest closed L. Readers are requested to comment and add on their versions of the Ugly Truths in their life below.



  1. Khi Khi Khi....only thing swooning behind you are mosquitos :P..you make me awww.

    Btw those mall hanging babelicious bootylicious chicks are gold diggers..be happy you dont have one around you. They will drain your pockets ten times faster than your future wife will. About being jealous of your well paid friend, i tell you one thing and that is "you are not alone". I hate the already placed high package holders while i dont even sit for placements to study further!!

    About your girlfriends being in love with HAPPY DENT guy... Lol..what can i say!! Pwahahahah! You are cute sir!

  2. Oh I so wish I could laugh out loud sitting here in office. Unfortunately, corporate life sucks that way. Awesome! :D
    I might do a post like this, 'inspired'. Shall give you credit, of course. :)

    About that first point, even I've seen really gorgeous women with creepy-looking guys. A classic example of the fact that love, after all, is blind. :p But as a girl, I can tell you that the reason may be, most girls cannot stand the fact that their partner is better or just as good-looking as them. Takes the attention away from them, you know. They would rather be with a not-so_good-looking chap, so that they look even better. No girl wants to let other people think "That guy is so cute. What's he doing with that hag?" I'm not saying that all girls are like this, but some are.

    There, did that help? :p

  3. haha...can't agree more with the way you have described the ugliness. Why gorgeous women roam around with not so good looking guys isn't a mystery - the harley davidson angle hehe.. !

    @spaceman spiff - you touched an important point/reason for what I have been pointing on my blog post below


  4. @a1gaurav: Once in college, during some free period, a prof asked the students to describe what kind of a partner they want. Each one said "She has to be kind", "she should take care of me", "He should treat me well", etc etc etc. One thing that was common with everyone was "Looks don't matter, as long as the person is good". I went up and said "Looks don't matter much, but since I have to spend the rest of my life with that guy, I would much prefer it if the person has a face that I can bear to look at everyday." So you see, there ARE girls who are upfront about it. :)

    But from experince, now I can say, that looks don't really matter. I used to go out with a guy who was quite good-looking, and all my friends used to ooh and aah and say "Oh wow, he's so handsome!", and I used to be proud of that. I was proud of the fact that we looked good together in photos. But soon I realised that looks, after all, aren't everything. The guy turned out to be a major asshole.

    I'm now with a guy who may not be a greek god in the looks dept, but I've never been happier. So for me, looks don't matter anymore.

    So when a girl says, "Looks aren't everything", don't jump to conclusions that she may be lying or is pretentious. She actually may have a reason for saying that. You know what they say, "All generalisations are false, including this one." :P

  5. Hey Red, thnx fr ur support n kind words..its nice to hear such words frm a lady ..thnx fr droppin by, Red:)

    Well Spiff, maybe it did..in tht case, tht's my new pick up line..."Be wid me so tht u cn look better :D" thnx fr droppin by Spiff :)

    Ya man..Harley vs Yamaha...done deal, eh?:(
    :D.. thnx fr comin by dude :)

    Well said Spiff, point taken..wonder hw it works fr guys...as fr me, I'm still waitin fr Katrina :D

  6. Hahaha this was a great post.. Everyone feels this way trust me. Be it the beauty or the beast :D

  7. Hahaha..well said Soumya... the feeling that everyone else is also subject to the same degree of unfairness somehow feels very reassuring :D

    Jokes apart, Thnx fr droppin by, Soumya :D

  8. Cheers to being politically incorrect\m/

    That one post started my day off with me rofl-ing. Thanks for that.

    And like Red said, those babes aren't really worth it unless you want to live with a bank account in minus figures. And I also have a feeling that we MAKE bff's in the first place to either gloat over or bitch about:D

    I have a query.. why exactly are the mosquitoes swooning around you?? :P

  9. LOL! arre life is pone kameena race that all the losers seem to win. but if u hadnt lost where would this creative appreciation come from?

  10. See you bought a year supply of Frenchies and then complain that your financial state has not changed.
    But I really like your blog. I love them when they are funny.

  11. Thnx Priyanka fr ur kind views n support..glad 2 knw u enjoyed it.. as fr the mosquitoes, well, I don't know why they swoon around me - maybe my aversion to water n shaving is somethin they too agree with :P

  12. Hey Indian born Confused Yuppie, in dat case, creative appreciation is the story of my life :(
    Jokes apart, thnx fr droppin by n fr ur support, IBCY :)

    Hey Sairam, nw u know where all my money went :D
    Thnx a lot Sairam fr ur kind words :)

  13. They say that the only thing permanent in life is change and maybe that’s why I have a lot of it .......Hilarious :) You do have a wicked sense of humour R-A-J!

  14. Hey Sub, glad u liked it :)

    Thnx Gautam..glad u liked it :D

  15. This post came as a whiff of fresh air, such a welcome change from the cheezy, mushy, dreamy stuff I get to see everywhere. It's honest, fun and real. Good stuff, cheers!

  16. Wow Raj - that is a very sincere post. Made very interesting reading - LOL:)

  17. Buying the frenchies, bright or otherwise, shows how truly committed you were to the cause. Respect, brother! ;)

    Delightful post, man. a bright spot in the cluttered blogosphere world.

  18. Thanks Ashish..glad u enjoyed it... thnx fr droppin by :)

    Thnx Sanjeev..thnx fr dropin by :)

    Oh yes!! Commitment is my middle name (phobic is my last name btw ;))..thnx Neeraj....thnx fr dropin by :)

  19. :)

    frenchies dont work...apparently boxers do...it hides the contours , hence the women will realize their folly too late..

    just a hint..

  20. Aah.. redirecting my life savings to ...Boxers!!! :)

    Thnx fr droppin by Tys :)