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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My ideal weekend

Mondays, they say, are a bad way to spent one seventh of your life.

Thank God for the weekends!!

A weekend usually has a blasting and active Saturday for all the fun, noise and games (of course, the party starts Friday night!) followed by the faithful Sunday for taking rest. This, in my definition, is an ideal weekend.

I think most of my weekends are ideal. Last weekend was my birthday (thank you very much :)) and so the weekend was extra special because of it; it had cake (yum ones, btw!), wishes and cheer, friends and family coming over, general-time-pass shopping, mall ogling, discotheque etc etc followed by a lazy Sunday with movies, hot coffee and a book. I think birthdays are the perfect weekends. So I’ve devised a plan.

Now what makes the perfect weekend? After intensive research and development in this area for the many, many sober years, I have finally cracked the solution to an ideal weekend. The ingredients to an ideal weekend are booze, friends, booze, food, booze, games, booze, loud music, booze, an LCD playing nonsense and yes, before I forget, booze. Now booze has the special ability to convert mere, mere mortals in merry, merry men and merry, merry women. (Hiccup! :)). Booze also hath charm that can convert great enemies into great friends. And vice versa. And vice versa again. And again. And again. And so forth….

But great weekends will cost great money. And I have found an ingenious and effective way of making sure that money flows into your ideal weekend: not your own money but other people’s money (the best source of money :P). Divide your friends into groups and to each group tell a different day as your birthday. Tell each group that you’re throwing a bday party and that they would need to bring in the food and booze for themselves and of course, the cake. Since they think it’s your bday, in more cases than not, they will oblige. (Make sure the group is sufficiently large so that chances of obligation are higher: P). With a lot of planning and a little bit of luck, you can celebrate your birthday in style. Again.

Of course, care should be taken to ensure you don’t invite the same friends to adjacent birthday parties. Maintain different books for different birthday friends groups (52 books are ideal; 53 for leap years :)) and use each book for one week in a year.

Yes, you would need a huge friends list to pull this off. But think of it this way, with a sufficiently big friend list, you should have ideal weekends all year through.

So here’s inviting you for my (next) birthday celebrations on Feb 14th; please feel free to surprise me. If you were part of my birthday celebrations last week or in any of them in the last 6 months, please ignore this message. If you don’t remember or don’t care about the last 6 months, please come (with scotch).

And by the way, I like chocolate black forest.


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