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Monday, February 21, 2011

Join the queue....:)

This is a prize winning speech delivered for the 2010 Humorous Speech Competition. This speech was again made at a Toast Masters Cub in Bangalore recently. Besides lookin fat and perpetually drunk and not having many people laughing at my jokes here, this speech won the Area level contest last November (Of course, there was more preparation then :))

Suggest you see the video before going through the post below.



What do women want?

They want Affection.

A lotta Admiration, Devotion, and Dedication .

Commitment, Conversation, Communication, Chocolate.

Candle Lit Dinners,

Sweet, Sweet, Nothings,

Tender Love and ...


And what do men want?



Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus; they are NOT supposed to combine.

But they do; and this combination is called ...Marriage!

Now before marriage, when a man holds a woman's hand, it is called...love; after marriage, it is called self defense.

Now in India, there is a special type of marriage...it is called Arranged Marriage; it is a marriage which is well, 'fixed' - a 'fixed' marriage. Think of it - a 'fixed' marriage? If you put the word 'fixed' before another commonly used term, 'cricket match', it becomes 'fixed cricket match'. A fixed cricket match? And we as a nation, has got a problem with any cricket match which is fixed. But we have absolutely no problem with a marriage which is similarly 'fixed'!!!

"Fixed Cricket Match!!! Ajay Jadeja!! Azharuddin!!!", What did we do with them? We banned them for life!!!

"Fixed Arranged Marriage!!! Boy and Girl!!!", What did we do with them?
We celebrate!!!

Balle! Balle!

Now I'm that stage of getting married and I'm not getting a lot of good feedback about marriage. From various sources. I'll start with the Internet:

If you go to the net and type, "Advantages of Marriage", even Google gets confused....

If you tell people that you're married, they sympathize with you.....
You don't believe me? In any organization, it is the married people who can leave early, the unmarried folks are expected to work all night. I asked my boss why this is so and he told me, "They're married: they're already suffering. You won't understand...."

Now as a part of this arranged marriage loop, even I too have met some women. And I've noticed that nobody talks during these meetings; everybody communicates only with their eyes. Last month, me and my parents went to met this lady and we were sitting in the living room of her house, waiting for her. Eventually she came with the traditional tray of tea, coffee, sweets biscuits, but she doesn't look at me. She coyly hides her face behind her hands and peeps (see attached video). My mom sits opposite to me and she doesn't say anything either but she looks at me and gives me a knowing look, implying that the girl is good. My sister sits next to me and she doesn't say anything but she alternatively looks at herself and to the girl ; she's thinking to herself, "Is my sari better or is her sari better?". My dad sits on the corner and he doesn't say anything but he's looking all around- he's measuring them; he's thinking to himself, "They have one clock- I have two clocks. They have 2 curtains - I have 4 curtains"...... And after all this drama, we drive back home, some 250 kilometers away, and in the evening, the girl's father calls us up and says, "Sorry, horoscopes don't match!!!" After all this drama!!!

The point I'm trying to make is that I'm in the pursuit of getting married but the various messages that I get from various sources seem to tell me that marriage is a bad idea, whether its the internet, my boss, my own experiences. Even my married friends tell me not to get married. In fact, I have this friend, who's a very close friend of mine, and he's been married for a very long while now, and I really don't think he's very happy with his marriage. I mean, before marriage, he was this tall, strong and established guy; after marriage, his establishment fell down. Before marriage he was six-pack, baby, six-pack..after marriage, he became family pack.... And he was telling me this story...He lives in Indiranagar and one day, he goes to MG Road and he sees his huge crowd of people, some 200-300 people walking forward, and at the very front, they're carrying two boxes. Now my friend gets all curious and he thinks its some VIP or something, and he goes to the crowd, joins the crowd, some 200-300 people, he walks with the crowd and goes to the very front where they're carrying the two boxes and asks the man in front, "Excuse me, hi, what's with the boxes?"

And the man says, "It's my wife. She died."
And my friend says, "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. How did it happen?"
And the man says, "Well, she was trying to feed the dog, and the dog bit her, and she died."
And my friend says, "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that! "

Now my friend sees the other box and he's curious again. He asks the man again, "Don't mind me asking, but what's with the other box?"
And the man says, "Its my mother-in-law. She tried to save my wife from the dog, but the dog bit her also and she also died."

Now my friend starts thinking. And after a lot of careful thought, he asked the man, "Can I borrow the dog?"

And the man said, pointing backwards, "Sure, join the queue."



  1. I still have years to enjoy my life to the fullest till I get married...:P

    And, do blog about when you really get married... will be fun filled pleasure to know whether it was fixed or played jubilantly.

  2. Actually I'm still single n supposedly lookin out :)

    All my friends tell me I'm more 'love marriage' material n can't b an 'arranged' marriage candidate, but in my parents dictionary, the former term doesn't even exist :P... so I'm still in the process of drinkin a lotta coffee confused with two things:

    1. coffee ya toffee?
    2. Arranged ya love? :)

    Thanks Rachit for ur comments :)

  3. I think the script came out better in delivery compared to the written word. Good job Raj.

  4. Thanks Shuchir...totally agree wid u....think so myself :)

  5. Hilarious.... :D I could actually imagine sitting there and experiencing all those things and yes ! Indian weddings are exactly like that !

  6. Arranged marriage and its drama! Its more drama in the south india i guess. The gold fever!! nice read though and feel sad that soon you are gonna wear the SUFFERING. :P

    new in hear. do check out my blog n if good followup. you got a follower btw

  7. Raj,
    googled this post and landed up. knew from ur 2011 year ending post that you are a part of toastmasters.

    Very nice speech man. And congrats on winning at the area level

  8. Hey Rohan, thnx fr ur kind words man... I know the feling :)

    Hey Red, following u n is ur biggest fan :)

  9. Hey Sai, thnx a lot fr ur kind words man.. hey if u a TM too, we cud catch up - I'm part of garden city tm n we meet every Friday at 630.. though I am exploring moving to the Koramangala club soon :)

    Thnx fr droppin by Sai.. am curious as to what keyword u used to get to this post :)